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Two Fine Events Happening Locally

By Staff | Sep 24, 2019

Within 10 miles of each other there will be two of the finest events in the entire state of West “By God” Virginia taking place. It’s all happening here locally. Sistersville a community known for its many festive activities will be hosting the annual Marble Fest this weekend. The event is one of the finest marble festivals anywhere in the world. I normally don’t use the phase West By God Virginia, however in this case I am emphazing that God did indeed make West Virginia and therefore it is what it says.

Lining the streets in the downtown area will be vendors from several states selling, trading and exchanging marble stories. Kids of all ages will make their way to the small-town big event. Some come for the marbles while others attend for the great variety of food offered from food vendors, charity groups and other organizations. This is a grand event where one can walk through the once brick laden streets and take in the historic sites of homes and building with the architectural design of yesteryear.

Its an offering you don’t want to miss. If you are searching for marbles, good food or friendly company Sistersville is the place to be. It’s a three-day event which is known to draw visitors from far and near. And free to all.

Just 10 miles North in the city of New Martinsville, one can experience the trill of World Class Power Boat Racing. The fastest and finest boats in North America will be competing for the Championship trophy. Starting on Saturday and ending on Sunday, racers and families will converge on the downtown streets for one of the greatest shows on earth.

Not to be outdone the New Martinsville course on the Ohio River is billed as the fastest water course, where world records have been set. There will be fun and games along the main street in downtown, with food stands abounding. Bring your family and friends and eat great food, hear great music, have a great time and see powerboat racing at one of the highest levels. RegattaFest it’s fast, fun, and free.

On Saturday night at the South end of Main Street, the Wetzel County museum will induct another area sports giant into the Hall of Fame. Paden City Coach Henry Healy from the 60’s and 70’s era will be honored. Make it a part of your weekend festivities. No one could be more deserving.