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Vincent, Hamilton win

By Staff | May 12, 2010

The Republican party has determined the winner of two Tyler County races in the 2010 Primary Election held on Tuesday.

Rusty Wetzel, Eric Vincent and Ted Shupe vied for the office of County Commissioner, with Vincent coming out on top with 735 votes. Wetzel came in second with 28 percent of the popular vote with 381 ballots cast in his favor; and Shupe received 18 percent, with 248 votes tallied.

Teresa “Terry” Hamilton won the race for the office of County Clerk with 625 votes, which accounted for 46 percent of the votes. Deborah Frey received 445 votes in the race, while Tammy Lowe received 282.

On the National Ticket, Michael Oliverio was the Tyler County stand-out on the Democratic ballot for U.S. House of Representatives with 357 votes to Alan Mollohan’s 288. The Republican position went to David McKinley with 495.

The remaining Republicans standings for U.S. House were: Mac Warner with 305 votes, Thomas Stark with 212, Sarah Minear with 166, Cindy Hall with 67 and Patricia VanGilder Levenson with 47.

Though Charlie DeLauder ran unopposed in the race for West Virginia House of Delegates, 6th District, he will face Wm. Roger Romine in the General Election. Primary results came in with 1,180 votes for Romine and 516 for DeLauder.

Much to the chagrin of supporters throughout the county, the Emergency Medical Levy fell short of the 60 percent margin needed.

The purpose of the proposed levy was to increase salaries and benefits for personnel and to provide for equipment and other expenses incurred in serving the citizens of Tyler County. The amount of the levy was estimated to be $180,451 annually with the total approximate amount to be expended set at $902,255 during the term of the levy.

After the vote, 1,132 registered voters cast ballots in favor of the levy for a total of 57 percent; and 871 voted against the proposal for a total of 44 percent.

Statistics for voter turnout in showed that 34 percent of the county’s 6,015 registered voters cast ballots in Tuesday’s Primary – 1,410 ballots were cast by republicans, 658 by democrats and 20 by non-partisan voters.