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Tyler County Commission Hears Light Agenda

By Randy Rutherford - Staff Writer | Sep 22, 2021

Tyler County Commission held its regularly scheduled meeting on September 14, 2021 at 9 AM. Absent was Commissioner Eric Vincent. The opening Prayer and Pledge of Allegiance were led by Commission President Mike Smith. Following the approval of the minutes from August 24, 2021 meeting, the Exonerations and the Fiduciary Report, the business of the meeting began.

Among the many issues discussed during the meeting were a request from Sistersville Mayor Bill Rice requesting funding assistance for the dilapidated building effort in Sistersville, a report from the E-911 Director Josh Fulks on the purchase of satellite links and a review of the county’s COVID Policy.

First up was Mayor Bill Rice of Sistersville. The mayor continued the discussion with the commissioners requesting their assistance as the city moves forward with demolition of some of the abandoned and dilapidated houses in the city. The discussion centered on the best way the commissioners could help moving forward. Commissioner Mike Smith assured Mayor Rice that they would be willing to assist financially once quotes were obtained for possible demolition of targeted houses.

Mark Goodfellow appeared before the Commissioners requesting a salvage license application. He stated he had met with the WV Department of Highways, and they provided him the necessary information he need to proceed. The DOH also asked Mr. Goodfellow to seek approval from the Commission. Mr. Goodfellow explained he needed a survey of the property to allow fencing around the perimeter which is on Next Road at the top of Grimes Hill. He asked the commissioners for a letter of approval so he can move forward. Commissioners agreed to Mr. Goodfellow’s request and will provide the letter.

E-911 Director Josh Fulks and Andy Weekley, Director of Technology of Tyler County Schools, discussed the purchase of satellite links to provide better service for emergency communication. Fulks explained currently Tyler County has two towers for radio communications. One is located on Klondike Ridge in Alma and the other is off of Greenwood Road in Sistersville. A new third tower will be located at the new E-911 building in Middlebourne. Weekley explained to the commissioners the plan is for four satellite links to be installed to improve communication between the various locations. The quote for the equipment is $55,945. Timely placement of the order for the satellites is important because COVID has caused a slowdown on the delivery of materials. The commissioners will be putting the satellite links out for bid. Josh Fulks will obtain separate quotes for the installation and report to the commissioners at the next meeting.

The COVID Policy for county buildings was discussed next. Currently masks are not required for the public inside county buildings, although courthouse personnel are required to wear masks. After discussion the commissioners decided all county buildings will request the public wear masks when entering the courthouse and all other county buildings. Social distancing will also be requested and limiting the amount of your time inside the premises. Masks and shields are available at the front door. Notices will be posted at the entrances of all county buildings with these new safety updates. The commissioners decided not to make masks mandatory for the public at this point but would review the COVID status over the next two weeks. Commissioners will follow up if a revision to the COVID Policy is needed.

Commission President Mike Smith then lead a discussion on a renewal of the Volunteer Accident Policy through the WVCoRP program. The annual fee of $335 was approved by the commissioners for the renewal.

During public comments, Tom Cooper, OEM Director, wanted to thank local resident, Rodney Boggs, for his help in repairing the county’s search and rescue boat. Rodney did the work on the carburetor free of charge, and his expertise and donation of talent and time was very appreciated.

There were no budget revisions or correspondence so following the approval to pay the bills the meeting was adjourned. The next regularly scheduled meeting of the Tyler County Commission is September 28 at 9 a.m. in the courthouse chambers.