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Lakeside General Store Offers A Little of Everything

By Randy Rutherford - Staff Writer | Sep 15, 2021

Hundreds of items offered at Lakeside

If you’re searching for a warm, inviting, family friendly atmosphere to enjoy while eating, look no further than Lakeside General store. Owners Danny and Lisa Hadley have worked hard to ensure a pleasant customer experience by hiring friendly employees and promising the best customer service. It could be said that they certainly have achieved the accomplishment of serving the tastiest food, and the warmest smiles, in the area.

Danny and Lisa first opened the doors of their business in July 2016, after blood, sweat, and tears went into repairing the building that has served as a traditional stop for fisherman and families making their way to Conway Lake for years before the Hadley’s ever took ownership. Lakeside usually has fishing supplies, such as bait and night crawlers, in stock and available for purchase, making it a one stop shop for a perfect afternoon on the lake.

Lakeside’s menu ranges from a wide array of breakfast – such as sandwiches, French toast, omelettes, and more – to lunch and dinner items such as pizza, subs, wraps, and salads. The menu is so extensive that one should stop in to see it for themselves! Pre-made breakfast sandwiches are kept warm each morning for customers who don’t have much time, and often they go so quickly the staff can hardly keep up.

The general store’s regular customers can vouch for the famous macaroni salad served there. Lisa says Lakeside has been known to go through 14 pounds of it in a seven day period.

Catering to the oil and gas field, Lisa keeps in mind that many customers who stop in are looking for good food in a hurry. There are fresh deli sandwiches made and wraped daily for a quick grab and go lunch or dinner. If one chooses, they can also have a custom-made deli sandwich made with freshly sliced meats and cheeses of their choosing. Lisa orders her deli selection from the Amish Country and a new shipment comes in each week. They also always keep pre-portion desserts in a cooler as well, such as homemade Oreo dessert, homemade cheesecakes, and fresh fruit when it is in season.

Lakeside also has a wide variety of desserts

The store has expanded in more ways than one since they opened in 2016. The Hadley’s have expanded the stores parking lot to accommodate the daily, large lunch crowd.

“The oil and gas business has been very good to us,” Lisa said, noting how much their patronage is appreciated.

The owners and employees take pride in the familiar atmosphere they have created. Customers feel more like friends, and friends feel more like family when you walk into Lakeside.

Lakeside General Store has a wide deli selection with fresh meats and cheeses from the Amish Country