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Paden City High School Teacher to Run for Mayor

By Staff | Jan 22, 2020

Bill Bell

Bill Bell, a civics and government teacher at Paden City High School, recently announced his candidacy for mayor of Paden City.

Bell is running on a platform of transparency and accountability, and believes that the residents of Paden City would benefit from stronger interaction with its government.

Bill Bell is a 2017 graduate of West Virginia University at Parkersburg, where he earned his B.A. in Elementary Education. He served as Student Body President for two and a half years, becoming the longest-serving student leader in that school’s history.

He was Chair of the WV Advisory Council of Students during the 2016-2017 academic year, briefing state legislators, academic leaders, and community members of statewide student and institutional concerns. He earned his Master of Science from Western Governors University in 2018, completing the program in a school-record 81 days. He currently teaches US Studies and Civics at Paden City High School.

Bell feels that his prior leadership experience will help the town of Paden City. He said, “A government must be transparent and honest about its activities in order to be trusted. I would ensure that meetings are truly public and that citizens are listened to and respected.” Given the recent announcement of a potential 1% sales tax, he adds, “I understand the reason behind the tax proposal, but this is something that should have been discussed with citizens before finding itself on a meeting agenda.”

As far as the city water issues, Bell has stated that he will take steps to prevent contamination in the future, saying that he would pursue civil damages and criminal prosecution for any tampering or mismanagement of city utilities. Finally, Bell has promised to not accept compensation for the position if elected, with the exception of legitimate expenses that he would make public.

Bell invites Paden City residents to communicate with him about their concerns at bill.bell.teacher@gmail.com. The Paden City election will be held on June 4.