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Rice Wins Sistersville Mayor’s Seat

By Staff | Mar 27, 2014

Bill Rice

The unofficial, until canvassed, results of Thursday’s election in Sistersville name Bill Rice as the next mayor of the city.

The former mayor and councilman garnered 203 votes compared to 161 for local businesswoman and political newcomer Beri Jean Fox.

In 1995, Rice was elected to the Sistersville City Council and served until 2002. He then was elected mayor in 2002 and held the office for four years. In 2010, Rice felt the call to return to civic service again. He again was elected to the Second Ward seat on council and has served on a number of committees for the town. Rice said he hopes to give voice to those who feel disenfranchised with local government.

The other major item on the ballot passed overwhelmingly. The citizens voted 246 to 103 in favor of renewing the city’s five-year levy that supports the fire department, library, park and pool, and streets.

While this is a continuance, there is a slight change in distribution of the levy’s proceeds. While it was previously split evenly, current appointed Mayor Ann Doig explained that the streets department receives some income from municipal bill fees, the other departments do not. Consequently, the proceeds will now be 25 percent (approximately $74,285) to the fire department, 25 percent (approximately $74,285) to the library, 35 percent (approximately $99,795) to the park and pool, and 15 percent (approximately $42,270) to streets.

All of the other slots on the ballot were uncontested and their vote counts are as follows.

First Ward, Harold Dally, unexpired two-year term: 62.

First Ward, incumbent Councilman Richard Long, full four-year term: 68

Third Ward, incumbent appointed councilman Phil Konopacky, four-year term: 60

Third Ward, incumbent appointed councilman Mark Klages, two-year term: 68

Fourth Ward, Bonnie Hizer, full four-year term: 75.

Fourth Ward, registered write-in Rachel Marrin, unexpired two-year term: 10

In the Second Ward, Carolyn Forester filed as a write-in candidate for that unexpired two-year term, but it was determined she does not live in that ward and is, thus, ineligible. Nevertheless, she garnered two votes.