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American Legion receives recognition

By Staff | Aug 11, 2010

The Sistersville American Legion Post 67 Ladies Auxiliary returned from the WV State Convention with several awards, including the Unit President Award. Pictured left to right, front row - Nila Heintzman, Lori Lasure, Patsy Wyatt, Angela Todd, and Alice Tarnecki; second row - Jennifer Marsh, Ann Doig, Loretta Ice, Cathy Post, Wendy Harvey, Alice McFadden, Sandy Lasick, Shawna Richeson, Dee Underwood, Lee Ann Stover, Sheila Smith, Susan Wilson.

Members of the Sistersville American Legion Post 67 family attended the state convention in Charleston in June, bringing home several awards in recognition of their continued efforts in support of their community, state and nation.

American Legion Post 67 took seven of the top 10 awards presented at the convention which represented 106 chapters in the state. First place awards received were for Americanism, Children and Youth, Education-Scholarship, Religious Emphasis, Veterans Affairs and Rehabilitation, and Civic Affairs. The Post also received an overall award for Americanism, for their solid dedication and support of America.

Individually, Larry Bennett was recognized with a Silver Brigade award for recruitment.

Former Post Commander, Ray Tarnecki, said he was very proud of the members and all of the work they have done to achieve success. “The people here work very hard and I’m so glad they were recognized at the state level for all they do.”

“I just want to add that Brian Reed, our recently passed Commander, played an instrumental part in the Sistersville Legion families’ success. His interest and leadership made accomplishing all we have, possible. “

The Sistersville American Legion Post 67 Legionaries are pictured with several awards won at the WV American Legion State Convention held in Charleston in July. Pictured from left to right are: John Albright, Ray Tarnecki, Conley Wyatt, Dan Hatcher and Roger Post; back row - Colin Doig, Larry Bennett, John Snider and John Goode.

The Sistersville American Legion Post 67 Ladies Auxiliary also brought away several awards from the convention including: Unit President Award for President Lori Lasure of the 78 other units in West Virginia.

The Auxiliary also won awards for: Children and Youth, Girls State, Community Service and two Membership awards (first and second).

New officers for the Ladies Auxiliary are Unit President, Lori Lasure; 1st Vice, Dee Underwood; 2nd Vice, Loretta Ice; Secretary, Alice Tarnecki; Treasurer, Angela Todd; Chaplain, Patsy Wyatt; Historian, Cindy Baker; Sergeant At Arms, Jackie Smith and Sheila Smith.

The Sons of the Legion of the Sistersville American Legion Post 67 were presented with the Jack T. Gribben award which is the highest award a “Sons” squadron can receive. A $50 money award accompanied this presentation.

The Sons of the Legion also received a Certificate of Recognition for the largest donation given by a squadron in West Virginia to the American Legion Legacy Scholarship Fund and a Certificate of Recognition for the largest donation given in West Virginia by a squadron for the Children’s Miracle Network.

Members of the Sons of the Legion, Squadron 67 are pictured with awards presented to them at the WV State Convention. Pictured, from left to right, are: Floyd Smith, John Albright, Ray Tarnecki, Mitch Wilson, Conley Wyatt, David Lasure and Dave Weekley.

New officers for Squadron 67 are: Dave Lasure, Commander; Ray Tarnecki, Adjacent and Advisor; John Albright, 1st Vice; Mitchell Wilson, 2nd Vice; Conley Wyatt, Chaplain; Ron Seagrave, Sgt. At Arms; Dave Weekley, Historian. (Brian Reed was elected as the Sons Finance Officer, but since his death has not been replaced yet.) Past Commanders of the Squadron which will act in an advisory capacity are Bill Ice, Russell Weekley and Ed Mars.

The American Legion is the nation’s largest veterans service organization, committed to mentoring and sponsorship of youth programs in our communities, advocating patriotism and honor, promoting a strong national security and continued devotion to their fellow service members and veterans.

The Legion offers a number of local programs and activities to strengthen its commitment to the nation’s grass roots and the people they serve.

Their success depends entirely on active membership, participation and volunteerism.