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Band Field Commanders Are Striving for Success

By Staff | Oct 19, 2016

Wildcats' Marching Band Field Commander Levi Goddard stands in front of a bunch of awards PCHS won at a recent band competition.

SISTERSVILLE – Two field commanders strike a powerful pose for the troops and the crowds.

Silver Knights’ Field Commander Jennifer Lynch appears laid back with a jovial quality about her, but once she ascends the platform, she is transformed.

Soft spoken Levi Goddard has a meticulous manner about him that shines through as he directs the Wildcats’ Marching Band the Biggest Little Band in the Land.

“Usually I’m not a loud person, so it gives me an opportunity to be loud,” he said. “I step out of my shell a little bit.”

Lynch’s powerful command presence is comparable to a Roman Centurion leading troops into battle.

The Silver Knights' Marching Band won many awards at a recent band competition in Spencer. Field Commander Jennifer Lynch (right) leads by example through her passion for the band.

“I know that I have to be serious at that moment, thus my voice has to be assertive,” she said. “It has to be heard by the entire band loudly and clearly. Besides that, I do not think about it.”

As any good field commander does, Lynch gives credit to the troops.

“I do think of my fellow band members during each performance, wishing them good luck,” said Lynch, a senior. “I especially think of the Seniors (Hannah Ankrom, Ross Gorby, Ellie Howell, and Justin Phillips) because I know that they are great leaders and have worked hard for every performance.”

Goddard offered some insight into the secret of leading a band with more than 30 members.

“Being confident and being adaptive I think,” said this alto saxophone musician.

“We – the band – have to practice forever to try and get the show perfect,” he said.

Band pushes students to excel.

“Being is band is kind of like a big family,” Goddard said. “Also, it pushes you to enrich your workout ethic, helps you to become a better leader, a better student and overall more rounded.”