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Tyler County Election Results Finalized

By Staff | Jun 1, 2016

MIDDLEBOURNE – The Tyler County Clerk’s office recently released the official canvas for the May 10 primary election.

The canvas for the prominent countywide races, which appears on page 8, didn’t change the outcome of any of the election’s results.

The canvas was initially delayed for a few days after the election because of technical issues experienced by the Tyler County Clerk’s Office. Some of these same issues were experienced in other counties following the election.

The ballot was a bit more complicated than in previous years because of the number of the high number of folks hoping to be elected to a spot at their political party’s presidential nomination convention.

On that note, Republican presidential hopeful Donald Trump, who was the last one standing in that primary race, garnered 1,371 votes or more than 79 percent of the votes cast in that race within Tyler County. Though presidential contenders Ted Cruz and John Kasich had suspended their campaigns about a week prior to the May 10 primary, they garnered 146 and 114 votes, respectively. Anyone interested in more numbers can seek out the state Secretary of State’s website.

On the Democratic side of the ledger, Bernie Sanders with 436 votes defeated Hillary Clinton – 204 votes in Tyler County.

Interestingly enough, Paul Farrell Jr., a Huntington lawyer, beat Keith Judd, a felon serving time in prison, who defeated President Obama in the state’s presidential primary in 2012. Farrell gained 55 votes to Judd’s 20 votes in Tyler County, according to the SOS website. Statewide, Farrell garnered 19,138 votes while Judd had 4,147 votes.

Back to Tyler County, which has 6,222 registered voters according to the county clerk’s office.

Neil A. Archer II defeated Teresea “Terry” Hamilton for county clerk in the Republican primary election. Archer received 937 votes while Hamilton garnered 795 votes. The canvas added seven votes to Archer’s total and 10 more to Hamilton. No Democrat filed as a candidate for that race.

Brian Weigle defeated Dean Pratt in the Republican primary election for sheriff.

Weigle received 1,059 votes while Pratt garnered 718 votes. Democrat Trevor Tallman ran unopposed and received 488 votes. The canvas added six votes to Weigle’s total, 12 votes to Pratt and nine votes to Tallman.

Jack Hayes defeated Michael Galluzzo in the Republican primary race for assessor.

Hayes received 1,283 votes while Galluzzo garnered 456 votes. The canvas added 13 votes to Hayes total and 4 votes to Galluzzo. No Democrat filed as a candidate in that race.

In the non-partisan race for District 1 Magistrate, Mary Dotson garnered 1,345 votes to defeat Earl Kendle Jr., who received 1,191 votes. The canvas added 14 votes to Dotson’s total and 15 more votes to Kendle.

Republican Eric Vincent ran unopposed for county commissioner and received 1,460 votes. Democrat Arnold Schoolcraft ran unopposed for county commissioner and received 612 votes. The canvas added 15 votes to Vincent’s total and 10 more votes to Schoolcraft.

State race results of local interest didn’t change much after the canvas.

Republican Ginger Nalley received 1,295 votes within Tyler County in the primary election for 2nd Senatorial District. Republican Mike Maroney received 362 votes for that race within the county.

Democrat Lisa Zukoff ran unopposed in the primary election for 2nd Senatorial District and garnered 609 votes cast within the county.

The canvas added 10 votes to Nalley’s total and 12 votes to Zukoff’s total.

Republican Roger Romine garnered 1,501 votes within Tyler County in the primary election for 6th District House of Delegates. Democrat Chris Combs received 621 votes within the county in the primary election for 6th District House of Delegates. The canvas added 15 votes to Romine’s total and 12 more votes to Combs.

Among the uncontested races, David P.J. Wells received 1,539 votes and Linda Hoover garnered 1,684 votes for the two Board of Education seats, a non-partisan election. The canvas added 22 votes to Wells’ total and 23 more votes to Hoover.

Republican Luke Furbee received 1,491 votes in primary election for prosecuting attorney. The canvas added 15 votes to Furbee’s total. No Democrat filed as a candidate in that race.

Republican Candy Warner received 1,511 votes in the primary election for circuit clerk. The canvas added 15 votes to Warner’s total. No Democrat filed as a candidate in that race.

District 2 Magisterial candidate Michael Griffin received 2,153 votes in the non-partisan race. The canvas added 25 votes to Griffin’s total.

In the final talley, Jeff Cramer defeated John Artimez in the non-partisan race for 2nd Circuit Court judge 1st Division. Within Tyler County, Cramer garnered 1,413 votes to Artimez’ 903 votes. According to the SOS, Cramer had 9,832 votes to Artimez’ 6,211 votes within the district.

Circuit Court Judge David Hummel Jr., who ran unopposed 2nd Division secured 1,961 votes in Tyler County with a total of 13,285 votes within the district, according to the SOS.

Bob Hicks won election as family court judge 1st Division with 2,051 votes.

Ron Fletcher won election as conservation district supervisor with 2,185 votes.