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Silver Knights Running Competitive

By Ed Parsons - Editor | Oct 5, 2021

Tyler Consolidated High School Boys put on a good showing on Tuesday September 21, at the Taylor Relays. Out of seven teams and 27 boys participating the Knights had four boys finish the race. Williamstown had the top individual runner Zach Cannon who came in at 9:43.2. The second place finisher was Haygen Baker who ran a 10:12.8. Silver Knight Jaden Ebert finished 6th overall with a time of 19:26.3. Mason Nichols had a time of12:32:1 good for 20th and, Haydon Ammons ran a 13:07:4for 23rd overall.

In the Girls division finishing 16th was Emily Ebert with a time of 12:54:5, 26th was Trinity Kanz with a time of 13:42:5, 33rd was Anna Volmer in a time of14:17:3, 39th was Kashia Brown at 14:54:5, and 42nd was Kate Gorrell with a15:26:4. Seven teams and 52 runners took part in the relays.

Middle school results showed seven teams and 42 runners participating. Carter Silas of Doddridge County was first with a time of 10:32. Right on his heels was the Knights Amos Kimble who crossed the finish line at 10:33. Grabbing the sixth place spot was the Knights Travis Moore in atime of 11:38. Jellan Dalrymple finished 13th with a time of 12:21, while Xavier Kanz came in 24th with a 13:26. Jacob Keller ran a 14:38, Malakhi Davis finished in 15:25, Griffin Glover came in at 18:11 and Liam Conner ran an 18:56.

The Middle School girls got a second place finish from Makenna Martin who ran a 11:58 race. Maddy Cox took sisth place with a time of 12:27, Lilly Dillaman came in 10th with a 12:59, Lilly Haught finished in 13:59, Andi Fiber took 18th with a time of 14:02. Camryn West ran a 14:30, Jahna Brown finished with a 15:19, Olivia Roberts had a 16:04, Heaven Pittman came in at 20:30 and Zoe Fisher finihed at 28:26

Doddridge County Invitational

Tyler Consolidated’s cross country team ventured to Doddridge County on Tuesday evening for the annual Doddridge County Invitational held at the cunty park. The Silver Knights picked several spots among the 113 runners competing with senior Haygen Baker making the top 10 with a ninth place finish in a time of 18:59.16 in the boys division. Baker has consistently been one of the top runners in this years meets and continues to improve with each outing. On Tuesday he face tough competition from around the state and held his own to lead the Knights.

Silver Knights freshman Jaden Ebert was among the top 25 in the event coming in 22nd with a sparkling time of 20:39.18 to edge out Elkins high school freshman Issac Anger who came in at 20:43.76. Knights junior Mason Nichols ran a good race with a time of 24:52.36 which landed him in the 72nd spot. Not far behind Nichols was freshman Haydon Ammons who is improving with each meet as well. He finished in a time of 26:12.06.

Charlie Smoak of Elkins high school was the top individual runner with a time of 17:43.44 to get the win. The top team winner among the 24 teams participating was East Fairmont high school who captured the event with a total of 50 points to second place Elkins who finished with 75 points.

In the girls division, the Silver Knights had three runners place in the field of 112 participants. Taking part in the event were 19 teams from around the state.

For the Knights junior runner Emily Ebert crossed the line for 44th place in a time of 26:14.30. She was followed by junior teammate Trinity Kanz who ran a time of 26L43.69 good for 48th. Junior Kashia Brown came in 75th with a time of 29:44.29. The individual winner of the meet was Alexis Lamb of Doddridge County with a time of 20:25.86, she was followed to the line by freshman teammate Katie Cottrill with a time of 21:27.78. Doddridge County was also the winning team with a total of 33 points.

Kimble Stands out for Middle School

Tyler Consolidated Middle School cross country runner Amos Kimble, an eighth grader, came in third overall on Thursday at the Doddridge County Invitational cross country meet. Kimble finished with a time of 11:16.18, and was one of only five to break the 12 minute mark out of 161 participants. Kimble led the Silver Knights to a fifth place team finish among the 16 teams eligible from the 28 teams in the meet.

Teammate Kellan Dalrymple, a seventh grader finished 16th in the field with a time of 12:55.10 to help the Knights. Seventh grader Travis Moore ran a 13:00.40 to come in at 21. Next to cross the line for the Knights was Xavier Kanz, a sixth grader who was timed in 14:13.16 for the 52nd spot. Jacob Keller, a sixth grader ran a 15:35.86 to get the 82nd position. Malakhi Davis crossed the finish line in a time of 15:58 and the 93rd spot. Caleb Gist, a seventh grader also scored for the Knights with a time of 17:04.91. Sixth grader Griffin Glover ran the race in a time of 19:25.83 and sixth grader Liam Conner covered the course in 22:09.86.

The Middle School girls event found Tyler Consolidated finishing fourth out of 15 teams placing and 26 overall. There were 150 individual runners in the Middle School event with the Knights seventh grader Mckenna Martin finishing the race in fourth individually with an excellent time of 13:13.89. Seventh grader Mady Cox was the next Silver Knight to cross the finish line as she came in with a time of 13:47.57 good for 15th.

Lili Dillaman, also a seventh grader rana 15:05.31 to take 30th place. Camryn Westbrook, a seventh grader, was right behind with a time of 15:16.49 coming in 32nd. Andi Fiber, a sixth grader, got a 15:49.01 to take the 49th spot. Eighth grader Lili Haught came in with a time of 16:18.77 to finish in the race 59th. Jana Brown grabbed the 74th spot with a time of 16:59.20. The next Knight runner was seventh grader Olivia Roberts with a time of 18:44.28 to finish in the 101 position. Heaven Pittman was next with a time of 22:09. 28 and Zoe Fisher came in with a 29:16.46.

Silver Knights run at Belpre Invitational

Tyler Consolidated traveled to Belpre on Saturday to take part in the Belpre Invitational where 160 runners took part in the boys division of the cross country meet.

First across the finish line was University runner Larry Josh Edwards who crossed the finish line in a time of 15:24.42. The first finisher from Tyler Consolidated was Hagen Baker who came in at 23rd with a time of 17:48.02. Other runners for the Knights who took part were Jaden Ebert with a time of 18:11.13, Mason Nichols with a 22:47.42, and Haydon Ammons with a time of 23:09.95.

In the girls division the Knights had Trinity Kanz come across the line with a time of 23:40.15 good for 62nd. Emily Ebert was the next Silver Knight finisher with a time of 24:01.23. She was followed by teammates Anna Volmer with a time of 25:50.13, Kashia Brown with a time of 26:15.66, and Katie Gorrell with a time of 29:17.63. 150 runners took part in the event.

In the Middle School division the Silver Knights got a strong performance from Amos Kimble who covered the course in a time 11:35.58 to come in second place in the individual race out of 120 runners participating.

The Knights also got strong performances from Trevor Moore who was 15th with a time of 12:43.65, and Kellan Dalrymple who was right behind with a time of 12:45.78 good for 16th place overall. Xavier Kanz had a good race as he corssed the line in a time of 13:50.95 good for 44th place.

Jacob Keller ran a time of 16:00.25, Malakhi Davis came in with a time of 16:20.27, Caleb Gist got a 16:30.91, Griffin Glover ran a 20:40.47, and Liam Conner came in with a time of 22:38.39. The Knights finished fourth place overall as a team

In the Girls Middle School Division the Silver Knights got strong performances from Makenna Martin who was fifth overall out of 105 runners as she crossed the finish line with a time of 13:15.01. She was closely followed by teammate Maddy Cox who came in seventh with a time of 13: 28.90.

Lili Dillaman ran a good race and finished in the top 25 at 22nd with a fine time of 14:24.82. Andi Fiber also ran well and came in 26th with a nice time of 14:49.29.

Camryn Westbrook was the next Knight to cross the finish line as she came in with a time of 15:06.96. Lily Haught ran a good race and finished with a 15:36.77 time. Jahna Brown was the next Knight with a time of 16:41.61. Olivia Roberts came in at 18:29.47, Heaven Pittma ran a 22:01.73 and Zoe Fisher finished with a time of 27:25.67.