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The Press Box: Quinet 5K for a good cause

By Ed Parsons - Editor | Aug 4, 2021

The annual Jim Quinet 5K memorial run/walk was held on Saturday in downtown New Martinsville. It’s a great event for a great cause. Each year scholarships are awarded in the name of the former owner of Quinet’s Court Restaurant to local high school students.

There was a great turnout for the race which was cancelled last year due to the pandemic. However it was evident on Saturday that people including young kids are still training and doing all they can to stay physically fit. A 5K is a “fun run,” a jog, a walk in the park. The 3.1 miles, is a distance that almost any healthy person can complete without too much training. But it still brings out the competitive juices in people of all ages as evidenced by the many different age brackets consisting of kids from 0-9 to 70 and up.

With over 100 entered in the race it proves that running and walking are reasonable ways to improve your health. Running experts are now saying the benefits of moderate exercise like that needed to compete in a 5K race are more rewarding than training for a marathon. To train for a 5K race one needs to put in something on the order of three to five miles a day of walking or runing, depending on how competitive one wants to be.

The Jim Quinet race is a great race for all ages. It is spread out over the downtown area on a relatively flat course which works well for runners or walkers. This was my first race in the 70 and over age bracket and I must admit there are many out there in way better shape than I am. However, I was satisfied with my result having finished in the top end of my age group.

My training consists of low to moderate speed walking at 4-5 miles per day. I like to focus on optimizing health benefits and minimizing injuries, while maximizing fitness gains I wouldn’t otherwise have. That is the extent of my training except for weed eating and mowing when I can’t con my wife into it.

Keep up the good work Quinet’s, the race is a big plus for area race enthusiasts.

Speaking of training high school fall sports season training is underway with the first football game of the 2021 season a little over three weeks away in West Virginia and two weeks in Ohio. That signals the end of summer and return of fall with the ever dreaded return to school for area youth.

Made the trip up to watch the OVAC All-Star Football game on July 24, much to my dismay out local players seemed to be pushed to the side (lines) with very little chance to show what their skills. West Virginia won the game, but it was evident that the coaching staff played favorites with the boys from up the river. It’s hard to get new schools to join a conference with that type of behavior towards your team. One of our local schools who dropped from the conference a few years back commented that was one of the main reasons they left. Just something to think about!

Looks like the Silver Knights of Tyler County will have a nice sized group of boys out for football with 30-35 expected.

Good to see that type of interest. Cross Country, Soccer, Volleyball and Golf are also practicing with the seasons kicking off soon. We hope to have our fall sports tab out in next weeks paper, with a full slate of schedules.

The following week (August 18) we will have our annual football preview out with team pictures, schedules, predictions and writeups on each of the six local teams. We also hope to have pictures of the cheerleaders and bands from each school. It’s always a nice program for parents and fans to collect for future reference.

I want to say I am rooting for Paden City in hopes that coach Robert Price can stir up some action and get the kids interest in football back to a respectable level. I have every confidence in the world that Paden City can field a good solid team to make the community proud. It might take a few years but it will happen. Right now they have some good kids with a couple nice skill players, but as we all know it takes a full team to be competitve.

Let’s all keep our fingers crossed in hopes that the new virus varient stays away and we can continue living in a normal way and school activities don’t get any disruptions. I still have a couple good weekend fishing trips planned at the lake, hopefully nothing gets in the way of those.

I have been told that soccer season could get interesting this year with several veterans returning to show their stuff. Most coaches we have talked to seem optimistic as practice has officially started. Good luck to all area sports teams as you fight the hot days of August before regular season play starts up.