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Outdoor Basketball Court to Receive New Surface

By Randy Rutherford - Sports Writer | Jun 30, 2021

New court design

It’s only a slab of asphalt, but if it could speak it surely would share its rich 60 year history of playing host to outdoor basketball games, both organized league and pick-up, to generations of skilled and not-so-skilled players in our community. Of course I am talking about the outdoor basketball court at the Sistersville Park. The court is as old as the swimming pool, and suffering many of the same difficulties. Age and neglect have caused the once popular hangout to be all but abandoned by fans.

It is a sad ending to a spot that has served the community well over the years providing like-minded hoopers a spot to challenge and compete. And no one can forget the banter of trash-talking generally done in good fun that was always part of the game.

These are the memories of summer for many young men and more recently young women, growing up in the Sistersville area.

There is great hope this isn’t the end of the story for this local historic landmark. At the last meeting of the Sistersville Park and Pool Board held on June 7th, Jacob Lorhi sought approval to lead basketball court renovations for the Sistersville Park. With overwhelming support, the board enthusiastically granted their approval.

Jacob explained to the board the court holds a special place in his heart and was a constant destination for his years growing up in the community. “It awaited me with welcome arms as I aged through the years… the good fun times, the mischief as an adolescent and the freedom from tough times. It’s a personal mission to give back to a community that gave me so much,” relayed Jacob. He went on to explain over time, the court has been beaten and battered through its use. In its current state, the pavement is cracked, the paint is peeling and the hoops are un-useable.

The new court design pays tribute to its heritage and modernizes the forward progress of the community.

Blue represents the accent color of Tyler Consolidated, as the black lines symbolize the unity of Sistersville High School & TCHS as they share the color. The middle orange line represents SHS as a symbol of its core importance. The mascots of both high schools are featured on opposite sides of the court.

Currently Mayor Rice is negotiating with a local company for the donation of asphalt to resurface the court, but the biggest projected expenses for this project is the purchase of 2 new basketball rims, posts and paint. These costs come in somewhere around $1300.

In an effort to spotlight the project and generate interest, Jacob and TyCon Basketball have partnered with SilverStar Group Ltd, a registered nonprofit specializing in sports and outdoor activity for all ages in Tyler County. “Scott Strode, president of SilverStar Group, and his team have been incredibly generous in providing us a platform to receive donations to give back to our community,” informed Jacob. If you have questions about the project or would like to donate, the donation form can be found at the SilverStar Group Ltd’s Facebook page. Jacob can also be reached by phone at 304-771-6261 or by email at jelohri10@gmail.com.