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A Special Moment in Sports

By Randy Rutherford - Sports Writer | May 12, 2021

Ashton Howard and Ty Cain

By Randy Rutherford

Sports Writer

It was going to be a memorable night for several reasons, but circumstances set up an event that will remain a cherished recollection for the whole Paden City community. It was senior night at Paden City High School boy’s basketball versus Madonna with only 18 seconds remaining in a game controlled by the Wildcats, when senior Ty Cain faced a wide-open three pointer. Instead of taking the shot, Ty passed off to junior Ashton Howard who immediately hit the 3 pointer. Ty said, “I knew as soon as I passed off to Ashton it was going in.” It was the first three pointer Ashton hit this year in a game.

Ashton just completed his first year of high school basketball, but has served as manager for Paden City since the eighth grade. He has not seen a lot of action for the Wildcats but remains a dependable shooter. I asked Ashton how often he got to play, and he said, “If Coach needs a three he puts me in.”

Paden City’s head basketball coach Dave Riggle added, “Ashton gives us whatever we need.”

Coach Riggle went on to explain that it was Senior Night, and Ty’s last game at Paden City. With little time left in the game Coach Riggle called time out, and put Ashton in the lineup. As they were breaking the huddle Ty looked at him and said, “Are we looking to get Ashton a shot?” Ty knew without the coach answering what they wanted to accomplish.

Ashton is also a member of the Wildcat baseball team and busy in many activities within Paden City. He is proof that if you work hard at something you will receive the reward somewhere along your journey. It was a special night for Ashton and Ty. It was a special night for the Paden City community.

Ty’s plans following high school are a little up in the air at this point. He’s thinking about doing a two year program at Northern Community College, and he’s also looking at Barber School. Ty certainly has great potential to do whatever he wants as displayed by this act of unselfishness.

We wish him great luck, and are proud to have two fine young men like Ty and Ashton representing the Paden City Wildcat community.