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“The Press Box” for March 17, 2021

By Ed Parsons - Editor | Mar 17, 2021

Jogging was really a rage a few years ago, both for the young and the old. It was not unusual to head out for a five mile run and see many others everywhere you went. I jogged in all kinds of weather and dressed in various types of outfits. For me the hotter the weather the better I liked it. A good pair of running shoes, shorts and a 100 percent cotton t-shirt was the perfect attire. During winter months it was ofter a nice hooded sweat shirt, long pants, and of course an older pair of shoes.

Today my workouts have changed considerably, and so has the scene. The number of active joggers has declined, although there are still some to be found. Many joggers fell to the wayside due to the high risk of knee and hip replacements. I never experienced those symtoms, even though I enjoyed training on hills, which meant running down the backside which has been attributed to extra wear and tear on the joints.

My hard training career came to a hault when I found myself with the always dreaded heart condition. My theory on it had been, if you stay in good shape you can eat whatever you desire. My problem was my desire for hambugers, french fries, ice cream, potato chips, steak and any kind of desserts I wanted, was more than my body could handle.

I found out the hard way that good physical condition is more than just running, exercising, and keeping your weight down. It also involves a host of other things, like eating less fat, a balanced diet, which includes lots of veggies and less sugar. Another factor to consider is your family history and of course your age. So, after a stint in the hospital and a stint in the heart, I decided to make a change in my diet. It worked for 15 years, but I still gained weight and eventually went back to my old eating habits.

Then the inevitable happened, I found myself back in the hospital with not much good news. I was facing a five way heart by-pass. So be it, not much you can do, except go for it. That my friends was the worst experience, but with the help of God’s blessings and a desire to keep going I am back at it, only a little slower. No jogging just medium to fast walking with some very slow trots occassionally. My latest venture was a nine mile hike out Proctor way.

I use to get a good laugh at some of the different individual styles many of the joggers used. Most of us older joggers have developed our own unique style. The thing is nothing is funny about exercise. It’s important for people of all ages. No matter how silly some of us may look, the benefit we get from it far outweighs the funny motions we may go through. I saw a man the other day who had some really good moves, his arms and legs were moving in rythem. It kinda looked like he was climbing stairs while running on a flat surface.

I tried it, only to find out it was a tougher than it looked.

I watched as two ladies went by walking rather fast, they were high stepping it and it caught my attention. But later I tried that motion as well and it also was difficult.

My goal is to just get in a good 5-10 miles each day whether it’s fast walking, slow walking, or a hike in the woods. The goal is to stay in some kind of decent physical condition and keep my blood pressure within normal numbers.

While watching a local team practice basketball the other day. I was critical of their jump shooting and form on free throws. My mind said I could shoot a few foul shots and maybe hit a jump shot or two. I tried it! What was so easy years ago is impossible today. I had a tough time getting the ball to the basket from the free throw line, and found out rather quick that a jump shot would not happen. After all you can’t shoot a jump shot when you can’t jump, and your arms won’t go above your head!

Now that local high school sports are up and running, we can go watch a game or two and think back on those days. In are minds we think we can still do those things, however as I found out those days are over. Just enjoy watching these kids while you can, and never be critical. After all they play as hard as they can, and we should enjoy every minute of it.