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The Press Box For September 9

The Press Box

By Ed Parsons - Editor | Sep 9, 2020

In the past two weeks I had the opportunity to witness some great high school sporting events. Everything from Cross Country to Football. It’s a little different this year at the games with attendence regulated, but it hasn’t stopped the athletes from putting on a show. Paden City Volleyball is exciting to watch as this team gives a strong effort everytime it takes the floor. I haven’t watched them yet this year but I will try and catch a game this week.

Between Wetzel and Tyler County we had five football games with four of the schools losing their first game and one picking up a win. At this point in time I am excited to see things going well in our area. Earlier last month I seriously doubted if there would be any sports, however if we all do our part to make safety number one we should be ok. Everyone seems to be following the rules and guidelines set by the state, and it seems to be working.

Soccer matches are being played, cross country events are happening, golf is in full swing (no pun intended), and volleyball and football are still going strong. It’s good to see and hear the high school bands performing, as they play the Star Spangled Banner, the school fight songs and their regular routine halftime shows.

Our local kids have that never give up attitude which helps you accomplish anything you want in life. Winning attitudes proves that high school coaches and their athletes are well prepared. It proves they have commitment, dedication and the ability to work as a team.Work hard, listen to your coaches and most of all don’t give up.

It takes great team effort, good solid coaching, lots of preparation, to field quality teams. That is the level we want our athletes to be at when it comes game time. Our schools and Board of Educations work kard to provide our students with quality coaches, trainers, equipment and facilities to help them become the best they can be.

Our teams won’t win every game, but you can bet they will raise some eye brows, that’s the kind of teams we put on the playing surfaces. When others are ready to quit and go home, you’ll find ours will be in the gym working out.

They have what it takes to win in sports, and the players understand that to accomplish goals you have to work hard. In games where everyone else tires and struggles, our schools find ways to push through, that’s what good athletes do they find ways to push through.

What you lack in size and numbers can be made up with heart and determination. Be the first at practice and the last to leave, be the one who is disappointed when the lights are turned off.

Most schools have players like this, but when you get a whole team with the will to win, you have a huge advantage even if you lose.

Watching our kids, the past two weeks I saw athletes who want to get better, who are willing to listen to the coaches and block out the negativity. It takes a team effort to be successful in team sports, it takes discipline, work ethic and emotional control. Athletes who are willing to listen and learn will acquire life lessons that will transfer over to other areas of their life. With all the Covid-19 related distractions our kids are still performing to their highest standards

They should not be taken lightly regardless of their records. They are capable of winning on any given night. But, win or lose you can rest assured they are not quitters, they will fight to the finish and never give up. That my friend is the difference between a winner and a loser.

There is also a difference between loyalty to your team and support for your team. Loyalty is when you stand beside them when they win or lose, support is when you are only there when times are good. While we are all not allowed at the games because of the virus, we still need to support the teams in any way we can.

They deserve it, they are our children and the boys and girls next door. We watched them grow up, we watched them play when it was just play. Now that they are high school students and nearly grown up, they deserve from us what we expect from them and that is the best we have.

Have you ever heard the saying, “That kid is the next Michael Jordan”. More than likely you have, but chances are we will never have that caliber of athlete in our small area. However, the ones we do have deserve to be treated as if they were.

When we watch our teams it’s not always pretty and sometimes we feel let down but whether they play well or not it is a form of art. When an actor performs in a play or movie they bring a character to life. Some movies are better than others. When we watch a game, the athletes bring that game to life. It’s sports as art form.

As and athlete you made a choice to participate in a sport. It takes time, commitment and hard work. You represent your school and classmates, and you learn skills that will prepare you for each game. Just remember it’s not always about who’s the biggest or strongest because strategy and being unpredictable will win games.