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The Press Box for August 19

By Staff | Aug 19, 2020

I sure hope we get to play football this year. I took a drive to look at all the facilities and they sure look nice. A lot of hard work goes into getting a field ready for weekly games. A lot of volunteer work!

I got to thinking about what it takes to put on a high school football game, and it really is a chore. Lining up referree’s, getting the chain gang together, selling tickets and raffles, getting equipment organized, making sure the lights and scoreboard are ready to go, having security, and ambulance service, the trainer, the A.D., volunteers for the concession stands, restrooms open and the list goes on. It’s a major undertaking.

This season will be even more taxing as schools have to meet special requirements, hopefully all works out well, and the kids get to enjoy the competition. I am not sure yet how they will accommodate parents, students, visitors, and the press. I know it is going to be tough getting into any college games, if they even have them.

I enjoy attending as many games as I can during the season. This year if I can work it out I hope to spend some time at Tyler Consolidated’s new field. I hope they have heat in the Press Box on those cold nights. My luck they will, and the virus will keep me out. I’m not sure how well the radio announcers will sound wearing those masks, unless they are separated from everyone else. Another will be the game announcer, at least they’ll have something to blame their mistakes on. They get pretty excited sometimes and I’ve seen times before the virus was here that they could have used a good excuse.

Even writing up the stories we can always say the mask blocked our view, as a good reason for getting the wrong player down for making the big play.

I was listening to two good high school bands this week, they sure sounded great. Paden City was playing on the football field and I heard Tyler Consolidated practicing at the school. Both are as good as I’ve heard in a while. Also watched a few cheerleading squads working out. They looked pretty good.

As I’m writing this West Virginia high school fall sports are still scheduled to begin shortly. I know the kids want to get back on the playing surfaces and the coaches are excited to get the seasons rolling. I want to see fall sports. Without it things just won’t ever be the same, and what a shame that kids will miss out on their final year representing their school and community.

No one knows for certain what is going to happen. Even if practices take place and schedules get changed around or reduced it could all be for nothing if this virus flares up and gets further out of hand. Right now we have a lot of kids getting back in shape. They have been out in the heat working out giving their best. Let’s hope it pays off.

When I go out to Tyler Consolidated and look at the hard work that’s been put into that sports complex, It just gives a good understanding how much everyone cares about our schools and athletes. And it’s not just Tyler, but Paden City has outstanding facilities as does Magnolia, Hundred and Valley. River’s field is one of the best in Ohio. And that says a lot.

So if the season takes place, and fans are allowed at the games, do your best to visit these places and give the schools and athletes a good reason to don their uniform. Someway, somehow it’s all gonna work out. What we have to remember is safety has to be the number one priority. Nothing else can come before the safety of our people. eparsons@tylerstarnews.com