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The Press Box For June 24

By Staff | Jun 24, 2020

If what I’ve witnessed in the past few weeks is any indication of things to come, there is no intelligent reason to delay sports any longer. At least at the high school and youth league levels.

With protests all over the country, and thousands of people crowding the streets together. With political campaign rallies bringing together thousands of people, nearly all without masks, including our top officials and President, I don’t see why kids can’t just go out and enjoy the rest of the summer like normal.

I’ve been to several places the past few weeks and precautions are not being taken except by a very few. Most people at the shopping outlets in Ohio never had masks. In Washington, Pa, nearly everyone did. You can go to most restaurants now and eat like before only with a few minor changes which needed made anyway.

It has been a welcome site to see kids back on the ball courts, in the playgrounds, and on the ball fields. If I was a young guy that’s where I would want to be. I see many coming and going from the fitness center, I’m glad they’re back at it, nothing makes you feel better than a good workout followed by a nice shower.

I traveled up the river this weekend, and seen a lot of people out having fun at Oglebay Park. There was a nice turnout for the fireworks display, and everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves. Not to many with masks, maybe 40-50 percent. By the way, have you been tested? I have, twice now, so if you are afraid of the unpleasant feeling, don’t worry it’s nothing. Only lasts about two seconds. A flu shot is worse. Both of mine came back negative.

I think everyone should try and get a test, it gives you that peace of mind feeling. I have heard from several people in our area including a few co-workers, and they dismiss the coronavirus as untrue, a hoaks or even less dangerous than the flu. For the young folks that’s probably true, but for those in my age group with underlying conditions, it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Anyway, the country needs to get back to business. Let’s play ball! I mean the way this country operates is by being open and free. Our President says it’s over, coming to and end. So there it is, follow the leader. Don’t worry about a mask, don’t worry about social distancing, the flu has killed more people. He said to get those kids back in the classroom!

I’m not sure if professional sports will happen this year or not. Seems almost like they don’t want to play. Major League Baseball has come up with every excuse possible to keep from getting back on the field. NBA players are more concerned with the protests and political schemes, and Pro Football is doing itself in before it ever gets a chance to start up.

That leaves us with high school and college, and neither of them are for certain. My hopes are that both will go on as they have in the past, without any interruption. I want to see friday night lights this fall, and I want to watch major college football. I don’t know how it will work out with attendance, but the kids should at least get the chance to play.

Most of the local schools are now conditioning and it seems as though a lot of kids are showing interest. Being without any sports for several months might have been a blessing in disquise. Coach (Vance) Ash in Sistersville was giving me some pre-season predictions the other day. I think he’s way off base, but we will have to wait and see. I won’t discuss them here yet, but if the season takes place we will be bringing them out weekly for all to see. My guess is, he will always find a way to win when we make predictions.

Between myself, Rick Loy, Bruce Crawford and coach Ash, it will be interesting to see who knows the most about our local teams. I will probably win the volleyball pics though, unless coach Summers helps coach Ash out.

It’s all premature right now, but my guess is Paden City will be the top volleyball team in the area, and TCHS will be tops in football and cross country. Let’s just hope and pray we don’t see another shutdown of the country.

The Silver Knights sports complex is making progress, and is getting closer each day. It’s going to be something to see and enjoy once it’s completed. The school administration, athletic director, board members, and all involved, have gone all out to make this a big time change that should be there for all to enjoy for years to come. If you haven’t seen what’s going on there, make the drive out and take a look. It’s going to be a welcome change, and a benefit for all Silver Knight athletes.

To all the local athletes, keep working hard, it will pay off once the season rolls around. If you need any pointers or tips, don’t be afraid to ask your coach, that’s what they’re there for. Until next week, stay safe and work hard. eparsons@tylerstarnews.com