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The Press Box For June 10

By Staff | Jun 10, 2020

Little League and School related summer sports are back in action. Work is in progress at many of the area little league and T-Ball fields as restrictions have been relaxed to allow summer activities to begin for area youth.

It’s been a long standing tradition to see kids in theit uniforms catching balls and running the bases in our playgrounds and parks, but the most fun of all is watching the big grins, smiles and laughter as parents and grandparents take in the action from the sidelines. Nothing can make a parent happier than to watch their child sink a basket on the ball court or knock one over the fence at the field.

It is a joy to know that with all the distractions taking place around the country, the virus, the protests, riots and looting and plain hatred for one another, that we still have the blessing of children. What would life be like without them? Watching kids ride bikes, playing games, swimming in the pools and using playground equipment should take away all the stress and anxiety a person could have.

For the past three months youth and athletes have had no access to playgounds and athletic facilities. While we look forward with great anticipation to seeing are kids back at practice and playing games, we must also continue to follow safe guidelines as recommended by the state.

Those in high school and middle school should closely follow the recommendations and guidelines for school related extracurricular activities at WV schools. The WVSSAC set in place a phase in approach to follow with the final decision to open up school facilities left up to each county board of education.

Phase 1 and 2 consist of conditioning, strength training and agility. This is for a four week time period prior to the start of the direct three week period that is established by each county BOE. During this four week time frame athletes and others will have the opportunity to participate in activities to improve conditioning, strength training, and agility. Recommended dates are June 9-19 for the first two weeks and June 22-July 3 for the final two weeks. For this school administrators will need to ensure that adequate staff are present during the time so that all safety precautions are met and followed.

Phase 3, allows direct contact between coaches and athletes, dates are still to be determined. This will be the three week period where coaches and players get to practice drills and coaches get a feel as to how many athletes are considering participation in sports. Strict guidelines will be in place for all three phases and no body to body contact will be permitted in high risk sports like football, competitive cheering, and wrestling.

Even with all the rules and regulations, it will be a start back to normal. The idea is to get kids back into conditioning and training, so as to reduce the chance of injuries once games resume. Also to keep them from losing interest in the activities. Hopefully it will work out for all concerned.

For the little kids on the playgrounds, it would be highly recommended that little league officials and city officials put some kind of guidelines in place, and family, friends, and fans try as hard as possible to wear facemasks and practice social distaning.

The worse thing we want is to see an outbreak right here in are communities. We are very fortunate to live in an area of small population where chances of infection are not high. However it dosen’t mean we are immune. It is great to see things opening back up, especially the youth sports and some swimming pools. The idea is to get out of the house, back into some type of normalacy and live life like we’re use to.

For the youth, give it your all, run hard and fast, knock the cover off the ball, enjoy swimming, enjoy your summer, interact with others and follow the guidelines. Before we know it summer will be gone and school will hopefully be starting back up. Stay safe everyone and enjoy each day. eparsons@tylerstarnews.com