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The Press Box For June 3

By Staff | Jun 3, 2020

There is a good chance we’ll be seeing kids back on the athletic fields and in the gymnasiums soon. The WVSSAC guidelines guidlines this past week spelling out guidelines for county school systems to follow as they prepare to re-start school based summer athletics.

Working together with the Governor’s office, the WV department of education, DHHR, and the National federation of high schools, they came up with guidelines for both a “non-sport specific” period that will focus on strength and conditioning, as well as the “three week period” in which sport specific activities may take place.

WVSSAC Executive Director Bernie Dolan released the following statement: “Over the last several weeks, the WVSSAC staff has been working diligently to develop guidelines for the “re-start” of school based, summer athletics. We understand the important role that athletics play in the lives of our student athletes, coaches, parents, and communities. The guidelines were developed with one major focus – to ensure the health, safety, and well-being of our student athletes and school staffs to the greatest extent possible given the most current information we have at this time regarding COVID-19.”

“Things will look differently than they usually do during the summer,” Dolan said. “And while the limitations and restrictions may not be optimal, they at least give our student athletes and coaches an opportunity to come together and begin to reconnect and rebuild relationships in the safest way possible during this challenging time.”

While this may give opportunities for athletes to start training it is strictly voluntary and that each county board of education has the ultimate authority to determine if schools will even participate.

The guidelines call for a two phase strength and conditioning period that can start beginning June 8. The three week period will start on July 6 with additional guidelines put in place. Athletes can contact their coaches, athletic director or school administrators for further information.

It will be exciting to see high school students once again working out and preparing for the 2020-21 school year.

Hopefully everything gets back to normal and we will see Friday night lights once again in the communities.

For those athletes who missed out on their final high school season of track, baseball and softball we wish you the best as you enter into another stage of your life. Whatever you do, give it your all, make it a life worth living. Do your best to make good choices, and to work to accomplish your goals.

High School only happens once in your lifetime and missing out on your last season of sports is certainly a disappointment, but life will go on and many more great things will come your way.

Choose wisely which road to follow, maintain the friendships you’ve made throughout your school days. Remember the good things and forget the bad.

Don’t think of education as something you get in high school and at the university (or the vocational school) that you choose.

Those are just two steps in giving you the skills that you will need in your lifelong attempt in understanding your world and in your journey of becoming a good person.

That’s what you want out of life! You want to be known as a good person. Good luck to all in your future endeavors, we here at the Tyler Star News wish you all the best. eparsons@tylerstarnews.com