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The Press Box For April 8

By Staff | Apr 8, 2020

Over three weeks ago the country called a time out for all sports. From professional down to little league baseball everything came to a standstill. The only sport I know of still standing is on the golf courses.

While jogging is still allowed except in groups, and fishing continues as long as you stay within the six foot range, golfing seems to be the only exception. My travels on Saturday took me past three courses and all three seemed quite busy. I watched as they were in the carts together and on the greens side by side. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining because I think it’s good to get out an enjoy yourself. Especially if you have some anxiety, just take it out on the ball.

What bothers me is some people think it’s alright to close down the walking trails, leaving many of the older folks with no place to exercise. We took are boys (dogs) for a walk on Sunday night around Paden City it was our evening of sports, it served as salve for our troubling soul of boredom. We learned three things from our walk, carry a flashlight to help see the holes in the road, carry a stick or a cane to beat off the loose dogs, and stay off the sidewalks which are worse than the roads.

That’s one of the good things about designated walking areas, you know the course, there’s little fear of getting attacked and it binds you with a sense of community. That’s why the shutdowns have been so jarring, it leaves one wondering what do we do now, and what will they come up with next.

I would love to see kids out on the ball fields and basketball courts, nothing would be better, however that’s just not safe at this time. If I was a kid training for a sport I would probably do as much jogging as I could and do as much weight lifting as possible. Anything to stay in top physical shape.

Amid all the rules to stay put during the coronavirus outbreak, there’s a consistent companion message. it’s important to keep moving. Exercise, outdoors and indoors, helps maintain good physical and mental health during this stressful time. Biking, running, power-walking can be done while maintaining at least a 6-foot social distance. Hiking too, although at times that 6 feet can shrink to near nothing on narrow trails. When possible, outdoor exercisers should even try to increase the recommended 6 feet of social distancing. If you’re not self-isolating or unwell, the experts agree you and your family can still go outside to exercise.

So walking, cycling and running are still on the menu, as are outdoor sports like golf and in some cases tennis, but our part is to implement the special hygene rules. Experts are predicting this week and next week to be the peak for the virus, so take extra care and caution and hope for the best.

On April 4, President Trump pledged that Little Leaguers (and by extension, all organized youth sports) will be playing again “soon.” But that pledge was not tied to any talks with organized youth sports leaders, or projected timelines from health experts. Ultimately, local and state health officials should (and most likely will) dictate the timeline for when games can return.

In the meantime, get a basketball and work on your ballhanding. just a couple hours a day can make you great. Work on kicking a football or passing, set up a pitching mound somewhere and go by yourself and work on pitching. Watch a lot of film and see where you can improve. It won’t be long until things get back to normal. Do what you can now to get a step ahead of everyone else. Train like never before. Pushups, jumping jacks, stretching and much more will make it easier on you when sports resume.

One thing to remember, don’t give up, you’ll be glad you didn’t. eparsons@tylerstarnews.com