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The Press Box for March 18

By Staff | Mar 18, 2020

A couple weeks back I wrote about the state high school basketball tournaments. I have not missed the event for 36 years and my hope was to extend the streak a few more. For the time being that has changed.

It is now beyond my control, there are just some things that can’t be helped and we have no control over. Never in my lifetime have I seen anything sweep through our country with as much force as this virus.

I have heard many say it’s all politics, others say it’s no worse than the regular flu or the common cold. However, it’s far worse than that! We can no longer shake hands when we greet people. We must do the elbow or fist bump. Many are avoiding even touching one another in any way. Social distancing! I wonder what this will do to the birth rate in the country!

I am disappointed that school and sports activities have been put on hold. I am disappointed there are no sport events to attend or watch live on TV. In some areas worship services at the churches are being cancelled.

We have been working extra hard in the sports office preparing the annual sports tab. It contains the schedules for the local sports teams and pictures of present and past players. Each year at this time we try to get it out so people have a general idea when their favorite team plays.

Don’t know how that will work out this year with all sports put on hold until at least April 10, when the state re-evaluates the situation. We might still publish one for our advertizers in time for the end of the season and the playoffs, but everything is up in the air.

It’s a shame and a sad situation for all the kids who participate in extracurricular activities. They work hard all year waiting on the season to begin and then it’s gone. Still yet, it might be the best decision, we know it could get worse and precautions are needed.

If anyone would have told me three weeks ago, that the NBA, NCAA, MLB, NHL, and all the other cancelled events wouldn’t occur, I would have never believed it was possible.

I am going through all my old DVD’s to try and find some good basketball games to watch. ESPN is playing old games from time to time. It’s interesting to watch them and see how much the game has changed.

Even though school is cancelled, it’s still a good time for kids to get out on the fields and courts, and sharpen up their skills. All school related stuff is cancelled, but that shouldn’t deter getting in some batting practice or fielding on your own. Go out and do some jogging, loosen up your arms and swing those bats. Main thing is, if your an athlete, stay in shape.

No one I’ve talked to likes this disruption in their lifestyle, however we can all make the best of it. Get some work done around the house, learn to eat at home more often, spend more time around your family, and all the while spend a little less money.

It doesn’t get any better than that!

There are a lot of older people in the communities who might need and extra hand. Volunteer to help those in need and help out in your community, a little kindness goes a long way. Paden City baseball and football players all got their workout on Saturday as they spent several hours helping load water into residents vehicles. I just got back in town and noticed a line of cars from main street to the south end of route 2. Taking the back streets through town I noticed they were all waiting in line to get their water at the Old Corning Building. A big thank you to the ladies who organized the event and secured the drinking water for the people of the community.

Things will get back to normal and sports will be part of our lives once again, until then make good decisions, stay on track and practice good healthy living habits. eparsons@tylerstarnews.com