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Tyler Boys Trudge Through Tough Week

By Staff | Sep 18, 2019

The Tyler Knights Boys Soccer Team suffered multiple losses at the hands of Weirton High School on Wednesday, Sept 11. The final score of the game was 9-1 in favor of Weirton but the Knights not only lost the game, they lost their key goalie Isaac Rush in the process. Rush was able to make some great saves throughout the game but was unable to sustain the onslaught of goals being sent in his direction. Then with 20:20 left to go in the game, Rush took a shot from one of the Weirton players sending him to the ground. He then had to be escorted by an ambulance to the hospital where he was diagnosed as having a major knee sprain which will keep him off the field for some time.

Coach Ryan Miglino mentioned that Weirton played a good clean game and showed great sportsmanship while Rush was down with an injury.

One thing that stood out in this game was the difference in roster size. Weirton had twice as many bodies and was able to substitute at will where the Tyler Consolidated team had to rely on the same players with a short bench. In any sport when you can substitute fresh legs and the opposing team cannot, you will always have an advantage. Therefore, you have to give these kids credit for going out there and busting their tails the way they do. Coach Miglino stated, “This team works hard, even though they may be outnumbered, they never give up and they play to the final whistle” He continued, “We are out here playing AAA schools with way deeper benches but still these guys never give up.”

Most of the game was played with Tyler on the defense. Weirton was able to control the ball and passed with purpose which was able to wear down the Tyler defenders. There was a shining moment when Colin Munoz scored the only goal of the game in the second period but it was not enough to spark a much-needed rally. The game was called early with Tyler trailing 9-1 after Rush was escorted off the field. It was then too dark to continue the game.