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Paden City Impresses Vs. Calhoun

By Staff | Aug 21, 2019

Paden City’s Jason Anderson picks up yardage against Calhoun.

Paden City traveled to Calhoun County on Friday, for atheir first pre-season football scrimmage and if the scrimmage was any indication of things to come Wildcat fans are in for some excitement this fall on Friday nights.

With only two weeks of drills and workouts under their belts, the Cat’s looked like a team with a mission. Head Coach Zach Heasley has been working the team hard it seems to have paid off as they competed at a high level on Friday.

“When we went took the ball on offense we marched right down the field and scored. Our defense gooked great as well. Running the ball we were very effective and they had a tough time bringing us down.

Our Passing needs more work but we actually did well there too. I’m proud of how well we performed with this young squad. The few older kids led the team but the younger ones gavew us some great minutes as well, ” said Coach Heasley.

With two weeks to go from that scrimmage before the regular season kicks off, Heasley and company have another scrimmage at home this Friday against Conotton Valley. Heasley is high on the help he’s receiving from assistants Coach Price, Coach Casto, Coach Fulks and Coach Shreves.

Coach Zach Heasley keeps an eye on the action.

“These guys have really gone to work and helped mold this small group of kids into a nice team.

“They have them believing in themselves and that’s half the battle. The kids are getting better as each day goes by and they blisten to what we tell them.”

Come out on Friday and watch the Cat’s as they scrimmage once more prior to the season opener on August 30.

Wildcats’ freshman Zane Yeater drops back to pass.