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Wright Hoping For Strong Boggs Basketball Clinic

By Staff | Jun 5, 2019

Matt Wright will be pushing hard the next couple weeks to make the annual Boggs Basketball Clinic a success This is his first year running and he’s not sure how many participants there will be, but he’s hoping for a great turnout.

“We will make sure to have enough drills ready to keep the kids busy for the 2 hour sessions. We hope to see a great turnout. We are really set up for 30 kids in each session. We hope to have more than that.

If we have more than 30 kids we will be doing a few things outside as well (weather permitting), ” said Wright.

Wright said they can do things in the hall way of the gym if need be. They have three basketballs that are 28.5″.

They will be given out to top performers in the 3/4 grade session with one trophy to be awarded in the 3/4 grade session.

The 5/7 grade session will have three trophies awarded. Water will be provided as well as a water fountain.

They will also try to do a mini concession stand, with all proceeds going into the Boggs Strong Foundation.

Wright said he is still looking for volunteers for that day. Coach Nutter and Wright will be there instructing and evaluating the players along with the Bogg’s Family, and Wright has a couple other people lined up right now who are extremely talented in basketball and are also coaches, Aaron Foltz and Camaron Lancaster.

He is counting on some of the varsity team members and graduates of Tyler Consolidated for help.

“I haven’t gotten in contact with them yet, but I have a few other parents who are knowledgeable in coaching basketball and have coached youth basketball that are willing to help.

It will be a great day for all kids skill levels.

It doesn’t matter if they are first year players or have played since kindergarten.

We are here to teach the basic skills needed to succeed at their current level and