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By Staff | Apr 3, 2019

There are some things that could drive a preacher to drink. I’ve been off the booze so long, not much affects me any longer, but I do get my feathers ruffled a little when there are activities at the schools and we don’t get notified. I understand we are in an age where everything goes to social media, and I think that’s good most of the time. It’s a great way for people to communicate. But some people just have gumption!

They call and complain when – no, I take that back… They e-mail and complain if someone doesn’t get their story in the paper or a picture is left out. However, it’s very irritating when the local schools don’t let us know when scholastic events take place. We try very hard to get recognition for the school kids. Some coaches are very good about it; some are like talking to a fencepost.

This past Friday night was a good example of a busy sports night. Twelve teams took part in the Tyler Consolidated Invitational track meet and the weather was perfect. Paden City was playing Magnolia in baseball at the Frontier Invitational Tournament, and the Battle Against Cystic Fibrosis Basketball Classic was held at Parkersburg High School. It’s very hard to make it to all three places. On nights like that we usually count on coaches and fans to let us know results. Well, like the old song goes, “Two out of three ain’t bad.”

As I’m sitting at my desk at 11 p.m. Friday night, at the newspaper office, I receive a phone call from a Magnolia coach saying, “We won, 2-0.” A few minutes later I start getting information about the BACF Basketball game, which had players from Tyler Consolidated and Paden City. I knew it was going to be a long night, but that was all right, as long as the kids got some recognition. I already had the track results, so it seemed I had all I needed. Only thing lacking was the baseball stats; it’s really hard to text results or shoot an email, so I wasn’t expecting anything. And I’m not one for begging, so maybe I can get it somewhere, maybe not.

Anyway, on Saturday, I got my usual text from first-time varsity coach Josh Fulks (he’s very good at it), letting me know results from his Paden City Girls Softball games. Thanks Coach. As of now, and it’s Sunday afternoon, I’m still waiting on the Silver Knights Softball results from Wednesday, March 27. Also glad there was a baseball game at Tyler Consolidated on Wednesday, or I would have made a trip to watch softball for nothing. Even cancellations or makeups would be nice to know about.

I guess the best way to handle this is to just go with the flow, get what I can, and let the rest take care of itself. Huh!

“No,” the boss just said. “You took a job; now try your best to give those high school kids newpaper coverage. If there are some that don’t want to cooperate, keep trying harder.”

“Ok boss; you’re right, but while we’re at it, how about the academics that we have missed… you know, like the National Honor Society inductees, and many other things we don’t know about.”

“Don’t worry about those,” said the boss. “You take care of your end, and I’ll handle mine.”

“Sounds good to m; how do you propose I get someone to send me stats or quotes when they have a job coaching kids and don’t want to take time to deal with the paper?” I asked.

I mean, I can’t fire them. The last time I checked, I was working to help them. Of course they can’t fire me, because they don’t pay me, so we can either work together or work separate. Kinda like a catch 22 situation. Or a darned if you do, darned if you don’t type thing.

Really, I’m not that worried about it; we get most things anyway, so if you can help, please do. We make less mistakes that way, and it will give me more weekend time.

I remember one time when this kid made a shot from half court to win the game for Paden City. He was a freshman, and they were playing River. The ball hit nothing but net, and it was a kinda nice looking long shot. Next morning when the paper came out, there was a nice big picture of a River player who scored 27 points, and the headline read “River loses by One.” Not one word in the story about the shot that won the game.

Sounds a little bit how some of the Wheeling Central stories look. It’s my belief that when writing about sports events, you try to include the top performances as much as you possibly can; however, if you’re not able to make an event, and no one else cares or takes time to let you know what happened, it gets lost in the shuffle.

Here’s what I consider to be the top performances of the week in local sports:

Number One: Abbe Stackpole’s performance in her first two track meets, establishing her as one of the top sprinters in the state. She, again, came in first at Tyler with a 13.23 and was second in the 200.

Number Two: Zack Placer with his Friday night performance at the Tyler Invitational track meet. Scoring 12 individual points and helping the team get 18 more in relays. He ran a personal best in the 110 highs.

Number Three: Trey Slider’s two-hit, 12 strikeout complete game win over Magnolia.

Number Four: Mark Rucker’s win in the 100-meter dash on Friday night, edging out Clay-Battelle’s speedster, 11.23 to 11.24.

Number Five: Spencer Corley staying undefeated in the high jump as he cleared the bar at 5’10.” He also ran second place in the open 1600 and was the anchor on the 4×400 relay team and ran a leg of the 4×800.

I would like to wish Regan Smith a quick recovery on her recent surgery and also best wishes to Haygen Baker, the Silver Knights’ freshman track runner as he recovers from an injury suffered at Friday night’s track meet while running the 800 eparsons@tylerstarnews.com