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Paden City High School Baseball Shows Compassion and Hard Work

By Staff | Mar 20, 2019

That is what has made Paden City schools great over the years. In the latter part of 2018 Paden City high school Principal Jay Salva was diagnosed with cancer. Salva along with his doctors decided on a treatment plan in hopes of a complete cure. At the present time Salva is receiving chemotherapy once a week for eight weeks, which will be followed by a series of radiation treatments.

“I am feeling pretty good, but the treatments make me a little weak and kind of drain me of energy. It leaves a bitter taste in your mouth, but I try to fight it off, maintain a good attitude, and live a normal lifestyle,” Salva stated. “I will be doing the radiation treatments immediately following my course of chemo. Hopefully, I will get a good report at that time.”

Throughout it all, Principal Salva has been able to work reguarly and has missed only one day of work, other than the days he receives his chemotheraphy. During school activities you can normally see Mr. Salva, who is a staunch supporter of Wildcats academic and sporting events. He is very proud of his school and the students’ achievements and would be the first to tell you Paden City High School is a great place to work and a great school for kids to attend.

Recently, with the start of spring sports and another baseball season, the Paden City High School Baseball team’s parents club decided to give back to Principal Salva some of the support he has provided to his kids. In doing so they came up with a great slogan, “Salva Strong and Fight like a Wildcat.”

“We knew we needed to do something to help Mr. Salva, and we wanted to do something to help him. He has been an active part of this school and a great supporter for the past several years; as you know there are always a lot of extra expenses involved when you get sick, and we want to help with that while also supplying mental and physical support in any way we can,” said Jay Slider, president of the parents baseball club.

Slider said the boys, coaches and parents will be supporting Salva during the 2019 baseball season in a variety of ways. “Shirts will be worn during warmups! Shoe laces and wristbands will hopefully have his initials on them. We will have a funding drive at the concession stand and will be selling “Strikeout Cancer” t-shirts.

Slider said all proceeds received during the home schedule will be put toward helping Salva with his medical expenses. He noted the baseball team is looking into getting a type of jersey or tee to wear during contests.

It’s evident that the boys and coaches of the baseball team each have a special place in their hearts for their principal. A lot of work has gone into getting this organized and brought to fruition. You don’t find that kind of committment to much in today’s society; it’s not often when kids, parents and coaches set aside their own time to take on a project that benefits someone besides themselves. That is what makes this something special, to know that even with all the normal work and practice of fielding a baseball team and getting the facilities ready, there is still time to help others.

I don’t know all the names of those involved in this work, but I know most are parents who work all day and then volunteer their time to make sure their children have a nice facility to play on. Maintenance of the ball field – like mowing, rolling the field, hanging banners and grading the field surface for better drainage – usually comes from the dads. They also provide water hookup and maintenance for the concession stand. Mothers also work hard by cleaning and ordering items for the season, plus scheduling workers during the home contests.

“There is a lot that goes into getting ready for the season. We have painted and hung sponsor names on side of concession stand. Parents are also involved in getting new and renewal sponsor letters and banners sold,” said Slider.

This season the club purchased new team uniforms and field turface; they have installed a new backstop and fencing, and a new field drainage system. During cleanup day, all the boys participated in cleaning up the bullpen, removing trash and old tarps, skids, etc. They swept the dugouts and loaded the trailor for trash removal.

So, on top of all of this, the parents club organized “Team Strikeout Cancer,” which will support Jay Salva. The boys will wear the shirts in support, and the parents club will be selling t-shirts in honor of hte endeavor. They will have a fund setup for donations at every home game this season, with all the proceeds going to Mr. Salva’s expenses.

In this writer’s opinion, it would be nice if the community as a whole would come out in force, to support not only the Paden City High School Baseball team, but the Paden City High School principal as he fights to win his battle with an opponent of his own.