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By Staff | Oct 10, 2018

Football and more football continues to grab the sports headlines. Hey, Cleveland is even getting in on the action some. Pittsburgh, seemed to come out of it’s rut and finallyplayed some defense while Roethlisberger and Brown got back together onn the offensive side for a 41-17 romp over Atlanta. It’s just one game though but hopefully the Steelers have things straightened out.

Paden City went down big, again, to the Cee-Bees of Clay Battelle. The Wildcats are 1-6 on the season. I hope they can pick up a couple more wins.

Magnolia got knocked off by a good Crestview, Ohio team for the second straight year; however, the Blue Eagles are still in the playoff picture. Meanwhile, Tyler Consolidated lost a big game against a pretty darn good Williamstown team, while Valley and Hundred got together in what my ex-sports professional Zach Blair calls the backyard brawl? Valley dominated that one again. It’s a good thing Valley and Hundred played, or we might have been batting a zero for the week.

Right at this point, the only good thing we can count on is the Mountaineers. I might have jinxed them a little but that’s kina hard to do with their talent; however, with six more Big 12 games left, anything could happen. WVU’s Grier is by far the best quarterback I’ve seen this season, and to me, is still the top contender for the Heisman award. He had an off day but still ended with four touchdowns and 332 yards passing, plus made the highlights when he chased down the defender who stole his pass in the end zone to save a touchdown. They had a few breakdowns the past two weeks but will get that taken care of and be back on track this week on the road against Iowa State. The Mountaineers might not have played their best game but it was enough to raise their record to 5-0 and propell then into the number 5 slot in the A. P. Poll.

It won’t be long until basketball season is here. We will get our first real good look at WVU when they play in the Myrtle Beach Classic, Nov. 14-18. Pre-season talk has them as the favorite in several categories. They seem to have the personnel to be one of the the best defensive and rebounding teams in the nation. I don’t think they will have much trouble scoring either; it should be a big season for them. They definitely have the best coach and fans, so be ready for some real basketball action when the Mountaineers take the floor. There’s going to be a lot of local folks making the trip to Coastal Carolina for the tournament. Let’s hope for great weather and a safe fun trip.

My ex-neighbor in middle school and longtime friend Bud Henderson really puts on a great tailgate at the Mountaineers’ football games. I try to stop by everytime I make a game. Bud is very generous, and if you go away hungry, it’s your own fault. Bud was quite the basketball player in his day at Clarksburg, and later as a member of the Mountaineers freshman team. We used to play a lot on the little court beside the high school in Paden City. He lived across the street from my grandmother, next door to the school. We spent many hours on that little court.

I must have taught him well for him to make the Mountaineers team. Unfortunately, he moved, or we might have had another state champion team for Coach Burton.

If you know Bud, and many of you do, he loves basketball and is a huge Huggins fan. He indicated to me he would be at the upcoming Myrtle Beach Classic. I hope we get a chance to spend some time together.

An injury during his freshman year at WVU ended Bud’s basketball career with the Mountaineers, but he continued to play well into his 40s. After he bought his own gym in Clarksburg, he taught the game to his sons and now has grandchildren learning the game. I went over a couple years ago to watch his grandson play; he not only looks like Bud, but plays like him. Looks like he’s going to be a good one.

Magnolia and Tyler have met up twice in volleyball this season with the Blue Eagles winning both matches. They have been exciting matches to watch, and chances are, they will be going at it again before the season ends. Tyler is a talented team loaded with seniors who have been playing together since middle school, and the Blue Eagles are a young talented team with a lot of height. Either team could win over the other on a given night. I like the chances both teams have of getting to the state tournament in Charleston. Paden City, under first-year coach Jennifer Yeater, has a nice team and could make a run in the tournament. They are young but have some good players and hard hitters.

Next up! Send all complaints on our Top 25 Greatest Athletes feature to me, and I’ll be sure to put them where they belong.

My thanks goes out to Tyler Consolidated Golf Coach Joe Griffith for religiously sending me his golf teams’ information. Without him, I would have been lost on the golf coverage. Same thing with every other coach who takes a little time to send me stats and information; it’s well appreciated and helps get coverage for the kids on your teams. That’s what it’s all about and can make a difference in how a kid feels about playing sports.

There are still a lot of fall sports left to play, so don’t count anyone out. eparsons@tylerstarnews.com