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Spotlight: E.J. Weber

By Staff | Aug 22, 2018


The Tyler Star News Spotlight Athlete of the Week for August 22, 2018 is Paden City football player and multi-athlete E.J. Weber. Last season the Wildcats were depending heavily on Weber to anchor the line and provide strength on the defensive side, but an early-season injury kept him on the sideline throughout the year.

This season he has returned and looks to be in tip-top shape and ready to open some holes for the Wildcat offense. Weber’s size alone makes him a formidable opponent, but his willingness to put in hard work and extra time makes him even more impressive. Given the fact he stands 6’3″ tall and weighs in around 275 pounds, this senior standout could be the link the Wildcats have been missing the past few years.

“He is a very well built young man, who spends a great deal of time in the weight room. If he stays healthy it will make a huge difference for us on both sides of the ball. He is a hard worker who wants to play and wants to win. He’s very easy to coach and does everything we ask of him. He missed last season, and we believe he wants to make up for it this year. Take a look at his body and size; I don’t think anyone wants to get hit by him. We are certainly happy to have him back and look for big things from him to help us win some ball games,” said Coach Brent Croasmun.

Weber seems to get along well with everyone, especially his teammates and his coaches. He said his favorite coach is his dad for teaching him, “Respect isn’t given it’s earned.” Even though he missed the season last year with the injury, Weber continued to be a leader and offered help and support in any way he could to the Wildcats’ sports programs. Because of that leadership, Coach Croasmun decided to award him a letter. Something Coach Croasmun had never done before.

Weber has set some goals for this year which include staying healthy, so he can finish out his senior year playing sports with his friends, and for the school and community. His favorite sport is football, but he also enjoys other sports and has played basketball and baseball since he was in kindergarten.

Now that he’s recovered from his injury, he’s been working hard on strengthening and lifting with Scott Phillips – who has built a regimen and provides his weight room for E.J.to use. Attitudes often make a difference in how an athlete performs, and Weber has one of the best. Everyone seems to like him, especially kids. He understands the little kids look up to him just like he used to look up to players when he was younger.

During a recent Wildcat practice session Weber was observed during an intersquad practice, and it looked like he overpowered everyone he went up against. Sometimes it seemed as though he was holding back to keep from hurting his own teammates. Those types of things also show the kind of person he is and the respect he has for other people. Which says a lot about his home life.

Just like all kids his age, sports are not the only thing on Weber’s mind. While weigthlifting is something he really enjoys, he also loves music (especially 80s ), playing the guitar, and movies. Other interests include swimming, fishing and chess. I would also venture to say girls are on his mind.

As to family, Weber enjoys watching his sister Hope, who is a standout on the volleyball team; he is normally in the stands – helping lead the student section as they cheer on the Wildcat girls. Entering his senior year at Paden City looks to be a big deal. He has lots to accomplish and the skills and tools to do it with. If everything works out for him, he will have a huge impact on the Wildcats’ football success and will be a great addition to the boys basketball team when the season rolls around.

“We need players like E.J. on our basketball team. We have some skill coming back, and the addition of a big man in the middle, who can rebound and score, could make us a very good team. I love his attitude and the way he supported the Wildcat teams last season while nursing his injury. A healthy E.J. Weber will be a fine addition to the ‘Cats’ program,” stated head basketball coach Jeff Hohn.

Upon graduation from high school Weber is planning to go to college to study Mechanical Engineering.

Here at the local newspapers, we have taken notice of Weber’s size, conditioning and willingness to be a better athlete. We are happy to see him back and healthy and wish him and his team the very best as they start the season this Friday against Parkersburg Catholic in a home contest.