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Price Hired As Paden City’s New A.D.

By Staff | Jul 25, 2018

For the second year in a row, Paden City High School will have a new athletic director in Robert Price. After longtime athletic director Fred King retired two years ago, the school hired Cameron native and Paden City teacher David Riggle to fill the spot. At the time, Riggle had great expectations of leading the Wildcats sporting programs, with a goal of returning them to their glory days. Riggle, however, soon discovered the job was more time consuming than he had expected and felt it wasn’t something he wanted to continue.

He soon announced his resignation, and the hunt was on for someone new. At the Wetzel County Board of Education’s last meeting it was announced they were filling the job with applicant Robert Price, a teacher at the high school and a resident of Morgantown.

Price was born and raised in Williamson, W.Va.., and went to Burch High School. He lettered in football, basketball and baseball, but his best sport was football. He said the best coach he ever had was his basketball coach Kevin Hatfield.

“I attended WV Tech for one semester for summer ball/practice in the year of 2007, in pursuit of collegiate sports. But once there, I did not feel comfortable due to the instability of the program. So, I left and moved back home to attend community college,” said Price. He later enrolled at Southern West Virginia Community and Technical College in August of 2007 and completed an associate’s degree in Spring of 2010. He Joined the United States Marine Corps in January 2010 and served in active duty from August 2010 August 2014. Price completed two Afghanistan campaign tours while serving in 3rd Battalion 7th Marines and was released from active duty in August 2014 and enrolled at West Virginia University in a Physical Education/Teacher Education undergraduate program and graduated with honors – Cum Laude. He also received a bachelor’s degree in Physical Education/Teacher Education in the Spring of 2017.

He then enrolled in master/graduate coursework at West Virginia University during the Summer of 2017 to further extend his degree in Physical Education/Teacher Education and is currently completing requirements in his last courses. His expected completion/graduation is August 2018.

“My plans for Paden City sports is to continue the tradition that has been laid before me and help develop our student athletes to become leaders in the community. In my short time as the physical education teacher, I was able to see the immense pride in the athletics departments with almost every trophy case filled to capacity. I am hoping to help coaches and students add more to the collection,” said Price.

” I do plan on staying for the long term. I really enjoy my role as a health/PE teacher, and I feel I am best placed to help mold students into young leaders/adults in either a middle or high school setting, and at Paden City, I get the best of both. With my sports background, accepting the AD position was something I had given a lot of thought about, so I feel confident I will be able to fill this position with success for years to come.”

” I have recently relocated into a small apartment in Blacksville, W.Va., although some may still question my ability for success with a small commute time to Paden City. I feel I will be just fine,” said Price.

Price said he understands the difficulties of competing in a small school setting due to limited numbers and interest from students in sports. His plans are to help get things moving in the right direction to assist in motivating the students to get active and seek opportunities. He said he would like to see students who maybe don’t participate in any extracurriculars to take a chance and atleast try out for a sport or activity.

While on the other hand, utilize those student athletes who may have the mindset of focusing on only one sport to maybe participate in two or more.

“I would like to have our schedules and stats on websites such as max preps.

I feel this is a great way to promote our student athletes and the success of our school.”

He added he considers himself a good communicator and feels communication is an important trait to have, and feels confident in his skills. He will also make himself available to the kids, parents, press, etc. with a goal of having an open-door policy and encourages all students, parents, coaches, and press to approach him at any time.