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The Press Box For July 18

By Staff | Jul 18, 2018

It has probably been 15 years since I threw a bowling ball down the lane. At one time, I enjoyed going to the bowling alley in Steelton a couple times a week, just to have something to do. However, it soon fell to the wayside of other sports, and time wouldn’t allow. It became a forgotten sport to me.

This past week, while on a trip, we stopped in a bowling alley to grab a sandwich and watch some bowlers. I decided to try my skill. I will say the old time bowling machines, in a few of the local hangouts in my younger days, were the most fun. I spent some time in those places and soon mastered the game. You know the kind that had a small ball, all the pins, and a semi-long alley!

Well needless to say, my bowling days are over. I tried my curve ball, but it went the wrong way and into the gutter. I tried my straight shot, and it wasn’t much better. My average score over six games was a fantastic 123. I watched as one lady, they told me was 78, shot a 189. Enough said.

Anyway, bowling is a fun game and something I think all kids enjoy. The bowling alley over in Woodsfield, Ohio is a nice place, and the one in St. Clairsville is always full. Want something to do with the kids? Take ’em bowling.

My next sports adventure of the week was golfing – something else I don’t do often enough. I started out with a pretty decent drive, about 220 yards straight down the middle. After that, it all fell apart. I never got par on any and was 14 over after 18 holes. Putting was a disaster, almost in the hole several times but ending up taking about three puts each time. I blame it all on the extreme heat, but I hope to hit the course a little more often the rest of the summer.

I also got in a little basketball this week. Once you have it, you have it – the old saying goes. I proved that wrong too as even layups were falling short. Once I got warmed up, it wasn’t too bad, but the old three ball was a killer. It was a struggle to just get it to the rim. The highlight of my day was making a hookshot from the foul line, three quarters of the court.

Just as an example to the kids out there, who say there’s nothing to do, I say you’re wrong. I also cut my lawn, cleaned the pool, washed the car (which didn’t do much good, thanks to a water leak that’s been on South 3rd Ave for a couple weeks), and trimmed the hedges. There’s plenty to do and lots of sports activities for everyone.

There are also a lot of job opportunities, more than I’ve seen in many years. For those that want to work, it’s not hard to find employment. Someone on Facebook said people don’t work because they can’t pass a drug test. That may be true in some cases, but there are still a lot of employable people – who worked in the mines and plants and are getting older and still healthy enough to work, who can’t find a good job. Even though I don’t have to, I still find it rewarding to have a job. Setting on the couch all day doesn’t get it!

Sistersville’s men’s summer basketball league is still going strong. Colby Buchcanan is running the league this year, and a lot of good games have been played. The New Martinsville Post #28 American Legion baseball team had a good couple weeks playing in the Bridgeport Scout Showcase Tournament during the weekend of July 6-8. They made the top five against some very good teams. This past weekend they played in Bridgeport again in the Mid-Atlantic Tournament and put on another good showing. Paden City’s Trey Slider had two good tournaments pitching and playing first base. Several other local players showed their stuff, including Tyler West of Tyler Consolidated. The team has a home contest tonight Moundsville Post #3. Try to get up there and take in a good game.

With all the hot weather, the swimming pools have been full. Sistersville has a beautiful park and their pool is second to none. It is loaded with kids everyday and at the recent Picnic In The Park, I don’t think I have ever seen a more pristine looking place. I don’t know how they do it, but it sure looks nice all trimmed and mowed up, and the pool looks brand new. They also have some very nice playground equipment and a great stage for music, plus a fantastic shelter with a concession area. Wow!

Don’t forget, we are putting together a 25-member All-Time Greatest sports team from Wetzel and Tyler counties. We are including all schools, plus River. Nominations can be sent to eparsons@tylerstarnews.com or bcrawford@wetzelchronicle.com, or text to either of us. You can also drop by with your nomination. We would like to have as much information as possible. The team will also include three coaches, so if you feel a coach is deserving, send us his/her name. We are getting a lot of nominations and would like more. Don’t hesitate to send in or call.