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Longbeards Leader Ready to Retire

By Staff | Apr 4, 2018

“Heading to Camp,” underwritten by DAC ENERGY LLC, was bought by Mike Rokles and presented to Bob Leasure for his commitment to the JAKES program.

The National Wild Turkey Federation Middle Island Longbeards would like to give a special thanks for all of the continued support they have received throughout the years from local businesses and individuals. The Longbeards encourage the public to patronize those businesses. For the past 20 years consistently, print sponsors were the following: Wable Ford, Bell Chevrolet, McDonald’s restaurant, Fast Eddy’s Tire and Paint, S&S Diamonds & Fine Jewelry, Union Bank of Tyler County, Blake’s Auto Glass & Cleaners, DAC Energy LLC., King’s Furniture and ACE Home Center. Also, coming on board to support the Longbeards for the past two years is; Terry’s Garage LLC., Terry and Beth Monroe and Oak Tree Furniture.

Also, chapter president Bob Leasure announced his retirement at the banquet for his role as the Longbeards’ leader. He is most thankful to all of the true turkey hunters who like to support their sport. He is also thankful for the way the general public has received the chapter from the very beginning.

He mentioned, “I am grateful for my family that has supported me and my desire to lead a chapter that has been so successful through the years, especially with the J.A.K.E.S. program. Some have been with me since we formed the chapter; others were not even born, but are now helping the chapter to accomplish the NWTF mission.”

“I am especially grateful to my wife, Debbie for all of the years of support and help she has given me.”

Bob also is thankful for the members that have been with him since the beginning of the chapter. “I’ve been your chapter president from the beginning, and when I finish my term, I will have been the chapter president for 21 years. I’m sure we have among us other members that can do a fine job as future committee members and officers. There is still much work to be done for conservation and the Hunting Heritage.”