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By Staff | Mar 21, 2018

If you were to list the qualities of the people you most admire, a thankful attitude would probably be at the top of the list. I think a lot about attitude, because I believe it to be one, if not the most, important attributes a person can have. Attitude will make or break a person.

It’s a choice! It’s not like a circumstance that you can’t always control; however, you can control how you act to all circumstances by your attitude. My attitude seems to be one that changes on and off; sometimes it’s positive and sometimes negative, depending on the circumstance. I work on it a lot, because I understand the importance of a positive attitude.

After having a tough week of circumstances in my personal life, I did a lot of thinking and came to a conclusion: attitudes are caused by a variety of circumstances, many times based on decisions which those affected can’t always understand.

An attitude is also directly connected to discipline. One of the most difficult disciplines there is in life is the discipline of thankfulness. It difficult because your attitude is seldom disciplined to adjust to negative decisions that affect your life. Take a coach for example! Often they have to be very disciplined in their attitude toward players, fans and referees; players’ attitudes are often tied to decisions of coaches, and referees. Hardly anyone I know likes to see someone with a bad attitude. I have often wondered what people mean when they say, “He’s got an attitude.” Well, yes, we all do; some are just better than others. Some need attitude adjustments.

I used to have an attitude about paying bills. I mean, it was really a pain in my side, and my attitude was more toward a former employer. I mean, we all worked hard and tried to do a good job, but our checks never seemed to be enough. I saw a bumper sticker the other day that reminded me of the teachers’ walkout from a few weeks ago. It read, “My take home pay won’t even. take me home.” I believe most of us have had such a feeling at one time or another. But a good attitude would be someone who’s thankful to have a job, or an athlete who is thankful to have made the team.

I’m thankful not to be in such a circumstance anymore. Gives me a better attitude. So you see how circumstances and attitudes go hand-in-hand.

All through this high school basketball season, I noticed some great coaching and some not-so-great coaching. There were some great attitudes and some not-so-great attitudes. I saw some changed attitudes, which came about as a direct change in coaching. I was very pleased with the way the Tyler Consolidated players and coaches handled themselves at the state basketball tournament in Charleston, this past week.

The coaches had the players well prepared to play against one of the better teams in the state, in any class. The coaches coached hard, and the players played a great game with great attitudes. No arguing, no pushing or shoving, and no technicals.

A very disciplined, attitude in a very tough circumstance. I believe they made all of Tyler County proud.

I could say this about many different coaches I know, but Tyler Consolidated’s head boys basketball coach made a difference. He was a true professional. From my observation, his style was a style that relied on motivation, encouragement and teaching. He worked to make the kids better. That’s the idea behind correction, which is part of teaching. It’s not about tearing people down, it’s about helping them improve.

After watching, I noticed he was the kind of person that took control with his coaching style and stayed in charge the entire season. He is one of those coaches whose focus isn’t on job security or benefits, only making a difference. He said that at the beginning of the season. ” I want to bring Tyler Consolidated basketball back into the state picture.” He did that! Which made his team enjoy knowing they were making a contribution and what they were doing made a difference.

He established loyalty between himself and his team, which built trust in each other. Something you must have in any relationship. No team, no family – absolutely no one can be successful with out loyalty. Once trust is broken, it’s almost impossible to get back. That’s why loyalty is so important. It’s all a part of attitude.

Competition is an obvious part of the coaching life, resulting in winning or losing. Of course, we all want to win, but if we forget to take care of our athletes – who are under our watch – we will never win, and it’s the same way in all facets of life.

I think that’s part of what makes coach Leach successful, he takes good care of his team. He also has a great attitude! eparsons@tylerstarnews.com