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The Press Box For Dec. 27

By Staff | Dec 27, 2017

I have attended more sporting events this year than most people do in five years, maybe longer. It’s funny how the turn of events in many ballgames take their toll on the sanity of so many. Your so-called team gets a bad break, and your whole world is turned upside down. It hurts so bad to see your team lose, or a favorite player have a bad game, that you can hardly function.

You lose sleep, and you miss work. You can’t think straight, and your whole family suffers. It is all you can talk about and all that’s on your mind. Sound familiar? It should!

I am still hearing the complaints about the touchdown reversal call that occurred a week and a half ago in Pittsburgj. There is still talk about how a local basketball player got knocked to the floor twice against West Virginia with no foul calls. I have to agree that the call against the Steelers was the wrong one. However, it is over; move on, and forget it. The world hasn’t ended.

Preston Boswell didn’t make 20 points and Wheeling Jesuit lost by 48. So what? Preston Boswell is still a great basketball player who, no doubt, could play D1. Ever had a bad game? Everyone that ever played basketball has had a bad game. It happens in every sport!

What is wrong with us? It was a great thing to see three former stars from our end of the state on the WVU floor at the same time. Can’t we go to a sporting event and just enjoy the game, or does our team always have to win? Does our favorite player, who most of the time we are living our life through, have to put up big numbers and never make a mistake?

My wife wants to know why I am always in a bad mood. She says all I do is complain. I told her I hurt all the time, and she said to go to the doctor. It won’t help, I told her; they can’t do a thing to make me feel better. You see, I’m a Cleveland Browns fan, so each week, the pain gets stronger. The only relief I get is when they have a bye. Oh how I wish they could just have a fraction of the Steelers’ success.

I wouldn’t complain; I would be a different person. My whole world would change. I could once again live a normal life.

On the flip side, however, I am glad I’m not a spoiled fan whose world revolves around the outcome of a game that wasn’t really decided by a bad call – but a really bad decision of not going for a field goal. Another thing, I think may help, would be a new rule where you can review a review. That would for sure cure the problem. There are just too many bad decisions on reviews, so let’s hire a few specialists, maybe some everyday working people who know the rules better. They can look at it again, and make sure the decision will be ok with the fans, and then change it once more.

Something has to be done. We can’t just can’t go on this way. After all, we are only 11-3. We’ve clinched our division and we’re tied for the second best record in the league. Come on, give us a break.

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