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The Press Box For Dec. 13

By Staff | Dec 13, 2017

Timing is everything! It is of the essence, yet time really doesn’t exist. It’s just a figment of our imagination. We are here today and gone tomorrow. It really is meaningless!

Throughout my years of working – nearly 48 – I have been told many times to learn to manage my time. I always thought “What in the heck are they talking about. Manage your time?” I still don’t understand it.

You get up in the morning; you go to work, and you go home when you’re finished. There’s no such thing as managing your time. How do you manage your time when you’re sitting in a line of traffic waiting on a train to clear the tracks for 45 minutes? Or, how do you manage your time when you are only allowed a certain amount of time to complete a task?

For 30 years, I had a job that required leaving home at a certain time, clocking in at a certain time, and clocking out at a certain time. There was no way to manage it! All of it was required as a condition of employment.

After I retired, I soon became my own boss. In order to make money, I had to spend time – not manage it. Time meant nothing to me. It was just something that came and went. You know, like another day, another dollar! If, whatever I was doing took six hours or 15 hours, it didn’t matter. There were always more hours where that came from. There was always plenty of hours. It never went away, and everyday brought more. Later, after I’d had enough of working for myself, I took another period of so called retirement, only to give that up and return to the work force.

Now, back to my original point – managing time or cramming long hours into short periods of space. This past week has been one of those crazy weeks. A whole lot of stuff needing done, and not much time to do it in.

Since there are seven days in a week, I have figured out the best way to cram more hours into a week is to use the whole seven days. You don’t have to use all of each day, but you may have to use certain amounts of each one. As a sportswriter/reporter, there are events that need covered nearly everyday or night of each week. Sometimes there are multiple things that have to be reported on.

So, you must figure out how to make time not exist and then you go to work. You take a little of the first day and arrange your schedule, plus you do whatever writing you can do. Get everything finished that is possible. You then go home and relax.

The next day, you go to the office and spend some time on the computer, (don’t manage it but spend it). You go home for a while, eat and relax, and then go to a meeting somewhere. When you finish, you go home and write the story and then relax again. Watch some TV, and get a bite to eat. Sleep whenever you want to.

Next day, check in at the office to see what’s happening or if anyone needs any help. Normally, you’ll get the rest of the day off. That evening you take in a basketball game or wrestling match. You go home; write the story and download pictures. The next day, which would be the fourth day of the week, you have the same routine. Always spend some time in the office, in case someone else has been sick and didn’t get their stuff finished, or just couldn’t manage their time right.

The fifth day of the week is a very important day, because it’s usually a free day. You can do mostly whatever you want. However, there is normally a ball game somewhere, so – because time is tight – you go to the game as a spectator or a fan. Being a good sports fan is important. That way you don’t have to manage time; you can just spend it having fun at the game. The sixth day is Friday, the meat of the schedule. In all probability there will be at least three events to cover, two to three basketball games, or possibly four. So you know you need at least four hours and maybe more. Go to a half of one game and get some pictures, then go to another and get some more pictures. Go home and write all the stories, plus download more pictures, just don’t do it managing time. Do it for fun!

Now it is the last day of the week, which is Saturday – but should be Sunday. You spend a few hours putting it all together. After you get finished, you can have the rest of the seventh day to do whatever you want. Sound like fun? It is, if you enjoy it. If you don’t enjoy it, it can be a nightmare. I personally enjoy it, because I learned that time doesn’t exist. It is a continual action that never stops. Therefore, if you like to write, take pictures, watch sports, interact with people, and more… you have found the dream job you were always seaching for. Oh, and don’t forget, you get to experience some pretty neat events.

Really though, this has been a great week for local sports. I have watched both area schools play girls and boys basketball and took in several wrestling matches. I like what I see with the new coaching changes at Paden City and Tyler. Both boys teams are playing good ball and adjusting well to the new systems. Paden City’s wrestling team is performing very well under coach Mike Owens and assistant Mike Shreves. They have picked up several wins so far and the season is still young. Both girls teams are playing hard and should get several wins as the season goes on. Keep up the good work.