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The Press Box For Aug. 23

By Staff | Aug 23, 2017

In light (no pun intended) of the total eclipse of the sun on Monday, sports in the local area have taken off without a hitch. The Silver Knights have already competed in several golf matches, they have a standout golfer in Noah Miller who’s sure to light (again no pun intended) things up over the course of the year. Backing him up is Cheyenne Morris with the rest of the team coming on as well.

The Tyler Consolidated soccer teams will both be in action tomorrow night with the men playing at home against rival Magnolia in a game you don’t want to miss. The Ladies will be traveling to South Harrison for a bout with the Hawks. Both teams have already been in action as the girls played at Steubenville Central on Satrurday and at Ravenswood on Monday. The Men’s team was in action last night against South Harrison at home. The girls will play again on the road Saturday against Oak Glen before hitting the home turf on Monday against an always tough Linsly team.

Friday night lights return this week when the Silver Knights head south for an away contest against the Williamstown Yellow Jackets. The Knights as of now have 24 on the roster but they are 24 who have football on their mind and want to win. I beleive they will be exciting to watch as some new players step into the limelight.

Coach Ryan Walton has been working them hard and is optimistic they will get the job done. “We are down a little in numbers but as always we will go out with the attitude that we can win the game. Our goal remains the same, we want to make the playoffs and make some noise when we get there. Our kids have come out with a good attitude and the coaching staff is doing everything we can to prepare them for what’s to come. We have a tough schedule with Williamstown, Ravenswood, St. Mary’s, Tosia (who always has a nice program) and of course Magnolia, but we won’t lie down for anyone and we expect to win, ” said Walton.

Paden City will also have their season opener on Friday when they host Symmes Valley, Ohio at 7 p.m.. The Cat dropped one to the visitors last year after a three hour bus drive and are hoping the trip will work in their favor this time around. Coach Brent Croasmun’s club only has 20 players but that has been the norm the past few years. Croasmun said this group may surprize some people. “We don’t have any real flashy players but we have some very tough blue collar workers who want to play football and get the job done. We also have more size and overal experience than we have in the past, so I’m hoping we stay injury free which will be a big plus and help us win some ball games. I like our schedule, three straight home games may help us build the confidence we need before we hit the road.”

Right around the corner is Volleyball season with regular season games scheduled next week for Tyler and Paden City. Both squads have been practicing hard and have several scrimmages under their belt. The Knights are an underclassman team with no seniors but experience is something they don’t lack as they are loaded with a talented junior class who have all got varsity time under their belt. Look for them to be contenders in Class A.

The Wildcats will also put an experienced team on the court with six quality seniors and a skilled group of freshman. They have showed they can compete well with the bigger schools and recently came in second in a pre-season shootout at River, (Hannibal) Ohio. The Cat’s have the size, talent and experience to also make a run in Class A.

How one can make all these games is beyond me. On Saturday, I took in the St. Mary’s Autumn Classic and I must say it was a great cross country meet. The facilities at the new high school are next to none, you wouldn’t have wanted a better day or weather and the Kids showed peak performance.

We have some great athletes in the local area and throughout the state but it goes far beyond that, “We have some great kids.” One gentleman and I use that word cautiously (because I could smell the odor of alcohol all over him) told me this past week, he was disappointed in the kids of today. We were standing together at the soccer match when he struck up the conversation. He said all you see is young people walking around talking on the phone and the way they dress and act makes him sick. He started cutting on parents which really ticked me off. My response was “we set the examples.” What I see here today are kids running up and down the field exerting a bunch of energy trying to win a soccer match. “I don’t see a bunch of unruly kids on drugs or alcohol, these are good kids that come from good families and most of them are involved in some type of school activity, including their local church.”

He was evidently discouraged because his grandson wasn’t playing much so he begin blaming the coaches and parents. Not one to hold back what I think, I quickly cut off the conversation and told him he would probably be better off leaving, it wouldn’t look good to get arrested for public intoxication at a local sporting event, it wouldn’t set a good example.

Hopefully that is not a preview of what’s to come this year. My hope is that all parents, grandparents, spectators, fans and coaches display great sportsmanship, have respect for one another and set proper examples for our youth to follow. I believe one of the problems that does exist today is we either don’t get involved enough or we get to involved. Find that happy medium and let your kids enjoy their time with their peers. Let them have some free space but keep a close eye on what they do and where they go, keep them busy and involved and teach them the value of hard work.

There is no perfect solution that guarantees your children will all grow up to be perfect individuals however don’t come around the ballfields and cut on everyone else’s kids because yours aren’t living up to your standards, (which by the way are often very low) give them something to work for, talk to them about their problems, communicate with school teachers, coaches and church leaders. The worst thing you can do is go to a high school sports event under the influence and make a fool of yourself in front of other people. Especially when you don’t know it’s going to hit the local sports column.

My sincere, condolences to the family, friends and members of the Paden City community on the loss of a great young lady who lost her life way to soon. This person came from a great family that loved her dearly and she was was loved by everyone who knew her. As she was going through high school, I had opportunities to work some with her on the basketball court and it was my pleasure. She always thanked me with a big smile. I loved watching her play volleyball, she was a skilled player and taught my daughter to become a better athlete. I will always cherish the memories left behind by this fantastic person. I never thought girls could play sports until I saw her play and then I became a girls sports fan.

Allison Bertozzi, will forever be remembered by those who knew her as the great person, skilled athlete and intelligent individual that she was. We will miss her, and we pray for a peace that only God can provide to cover her loved ones and family. eparsons@tylerstarnews.com.