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The Press Box For July 12

By Staff | Jul 12, 2017

My physical fitness workouts have been few and far between in the past six months. Nothing makes me feel better than a five- mile walk or 15-20 miles on a stationary bike. Just getting up a good sweat and using some muscles I haven’t used in a while gives me a feeling of accomplishment.

Saturday was one of those days where I just had to do something. It all started with running the weed eater, then turning to the mower. I left the John Deere rider in the garage and out came the 21″ push mower. Six total lots to do which I figured would take about an hour and a half. It was 86 degrees and humid but that’s what I wanted. I really wasn’t supposed to be out in the sun and I was told to have no physical labor for about 30 days.

However, I just couldn’t help myself, I felt good and needed the exercise. I was wrong about the time as I finished in less than an hour but I was soaked, My goal was to try and drop five pounds in one day, I had a good start so what to do next, it was not going to be one of those set on the couch days and watch westerns.

After getting an ice tea (un-sweet) from McDonald’s, I headed over to Riverside golf course for nine holes on the executive course, (no cart). Not to sharp but satisfied with eight over par.

Back to Paden City where I took in some of Fred King’s Wildcat spike out volleyball. Looks like the Cats might have a pretty good team this year. Magnolia won the tournament but it could have gone to River or the Cats as all three played well.

After going home to cool down, I decided to take a drive out Proctor Creek on Rt. 89 and then down Palmer Ridge to Palestine. From there it was a hike up to the old Laurel Point cemetery where I have several relatives buried. It’s quite the hike to get there and a couple times I felt like turning back as everything is all grown up and the old road that crosses the creek in three places is nearly gone.

Keeping a close watch for snakes and other wildlife, with the old 9mm in hand and my staff to lean on, I finally made it. Straightened up a few headstones, cleaned around a few grave sites and then realized I still had to get back to the truck.

On the way back, I encountered some four wheelers and side by sides that seemed to be enjoying the area that I was using a staff to get through. Beautiful country but miserable to walk through – weeds, water and bugs. This same area is where my grandfather’s farm was, it sure doesn’t look the same, back then we had cattle, the farm house and you crossed the creeks on swinging bridges. When I got back to the truck it was nearly 6 p.m. and I was still not finished.

I couldn’t get out of there without a dip in the creek. Nice cold creek water sure cools you down but I soon discovered two ticks on my arm, cleaned them off and back to Paden City I went. Never even realizing I hadn’t ate anything all day until I went by Burger King, never stopped though because I needed to get that five pounds off.

It was an enjoyable day, got a lot of things done I have wanted to do for a while. Hoping to do some white water rafting later this summer before the water gets to cold and also spend some time in the Great Smokies. One more thing on the summer list is my annual trip to Port Clinton, Ohio for some Walleye and Yellow Perch fishing, with a few dips in the lake and a couple nights stay at the cabin on Put-In-Bay.

There is a lot to do so don’t let the summer pass you by, get out there and use up some energy, take in a Pirates, Reds or Indians game, hit the amusement park, just don’t waste the best time of the year. Go on a hike, play some sports, take a nice country ride, visit with friends, get out of the house,you’ll be glad you did.

Can’t wait for fall sports to start but until then I’ll settle for my walks, bike riding and anything else besides being a couch potato.

About 8 p.m. we headed up to New Martinsville to check out the music festival. That ended with a walk from Witschey’s parking lot to the main stage and back. I couldn’t take it anymore so the Pizza Hut was the next stop, Diet Coke, a medium pizza, (pepperoni and cheese), plus breadsticks, sure tasted great. Saturday morning I was 210, that night after the big meal I weighed in at 203. Seven big pounds gone.

Sunday was a different story and I mean big time. All I wanted to do was eat, I did get in 15 miles on the bike but still weighed in at 206 that night. You can work out all day but if you don’t watch the carbs, sweets, chips, regular pop, sweet tea or Ice cream your not going to drop weight.

I started back on my low carb diet and my regular exercise routine of walking and riding. Sore body today, stronger body tomorrow, 180lbs here I come. An attitude of whatever is convenient won’t accomplish very much. An attitude of whatever it takes is impossible to stop, I am better than I was yesterday, but not as good as I will be tomorrow. To God give all the glory! God is my hero. He protects me, and He is always there for me. eparsons@tylerstarnews.com.