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The Press Box For June 21

By Staff | Jun 21, 2017

This has been an interesting week for me to say the least. Monday night I watched my favorite basketball team go down to defeat in the NBA finals (No big surprise) 129-120 to Golden State, the best team in the country for sure. Jerry West has stepped down as the Warriors GM. so the man who turns out winners everywhere he goes, now gives Cleveland a chance next year. That’s how important he was to Golden State, they may have been better off losing a star player.

Earlier Monday night I watched a little of Sistersville’s summer basketball league just to get warmed up for the big game. That is a nice league down at the Ville with some good players. Summer league basketball is always a fun time and the way I was when I played the hotter the weather, the better I liked it. Nothing felt better than an hour of non stop action, working up a good sweat and than a nice long shower. As I watched the guys play Monday that’s what I thought about. Man how I’d like to get up and down the court like that, shoot that jumper on the run, get a steal and make a layup, it gets in your blood and stays there.

Tuesday morning, I went out to Middlebourne around 10 a.m. to watch the K-3 soccer camp. It was already close to 85 degrees when I got there and the sun was shining down on those little kids as they ran through drills and took instructions from some of the high school boys and girls. Coach Scott Wall and Coach Ben Thomas were both there leading the way. There was a nice turn out of kids and I think some pretty good soccer players for their age.

Coaches and camp counselors gave the kids plenty of breaks to rest up and made sure they got plenty of fluids. I also saw several kids get sun tan lotion. I’ll tell you for sure that’s very important.

Any time your kids are going out into the sun for sports or anything else make sure they’re skin is protected. Going on vacation to the beach or out on the River or to the swimming pool play it safe and use a good sun block. A good tan sure does look good and feel good when your young but believe me to much will have a later affect you won’t much like.

My plans this week started out the way I had hoped but soon turned into a nightmare. I spent most of my spare time growing up out in the sun. Working the hay fields at my Grandpa’s farm, running along the beach front in Cleveland, on the ball court, on vacations, mowing, washing the car, you name it I wanted sun. I started feeling the effects of it around age 50. Since then I have had over fifty pre-cancers removed and four surgery’s that required lots of stitches and plenty of pain.

Wednesday, I had a planned surgery to remove a spot near my right eye, a direct result from not using sun screen. My surgery was scheduled in Morgantown at 8 a.m. I got right in and the Doctor started the numbing procedure, you know, the needles in the cheek, nose and near the corner of the eye, (not a fun time). Then came the removal, cutting the skin and removing the cancer. After two tries at getting it all, the doctor said it was deeper and larger and he would have to numb the area under my eye lid and hit some a spot directly in the corner of the eye.

This turner out to be an area that has a lot of nerve endings and doesn’t respond well to numbing. Each of the six shots hurt like, (Well, I can’t say on here) but it hurt. It was cut out without being numb. Thank God they got it all that time.

I was then sent to Mon. General to the plastic surgeon for a skin graft. They put me out this time and took a 6×1 inch piece of skin from my neck to fix the area around my right eye. Needless to say it is going to take a while for this to heal and it’s very painful. I will not be out in the sun much this summer. Doctors say it will be close to a year before it looks right. I have a large skin patch along my face and nose on the right side and part of the corner of my eye. Plus the skin on my neck is missing.

Now I’m not writing this for sympathy, I’m trying to impress on you the effects those hot summer days that feel so good can have on you and your children. Just for the kids sake please take precaution.

Most of my work this summer will be in the office, so anything coaches or fans would like to get in the paper please send to me email.

We didn’t use much sun lotion when we were young, matter of fact we used oil to get tanned. Much like the kids use when going in the tanning booths. I just want to warn you parents and kids to apply sun screen when outdoors, you’ll be glad you did later in life. If you have fair skin it is even more important. I saw a young girl at the pool the other day that was burnt red. I asked her if she had sun tan lotion and she said her mother told her she was young and didn’t need it.

With all the outdoor activities going on do the best you can to avoid the effects of the sun. Doctors recommend a t least a 35 sun block. I sure wish I would have used even a 15, might have saved a lot of problems. Parents of Little League, T-ball players and all other outdoor sports get your kids protected. Many of you out there know what I’m talking about, you’ve been through it. I love the summer time but it’s not as much fun when you can’t enjoy it.

It really won’t be long till the county fairs start and summer football practice begins. Those are normally some of the hottest days of the year. Make sure you drink plenty of water or gatorade. Summer Coaches you can reach me with information about your teams by email or 304-652-4141. I’ll be around getting pictures for the paper but won’t be out side long. eparsons@tylerstarnews.com.