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The Press Box For May 10

By Staff | May 10, 2017

One of the greatest attributes of a parent is how they stand up for them when they are not only winning but struggling as well. I never believed in putting down anyone, especially when they are trying.

Before any of you say what is he talking about or what does he know about it! I will tell you this. I raised two boys who I wanted to do well in school first, be involved in extracurricular activities and be members of Paden City Wildcat sports.

We spent many hours working together and they were not really very interested. However my oldest son stood out in baseball from T-Ball through Little League. He was a good fielder and could catch and hit well. He spent hours shooting basketball and became a very good shot. One day he came out of middle school practice in tears. He never wanted to play again and I didn’t force him.

I won’t get in to why he didn’t play again but I will ad there was a terrible incident from a middle school coach that turned him against sports.

My youngest son was not as athletic and I didn’t spend as much time working with him, although he had good potential, especially as a football player.

Neither one became Wildcat athletes and neither one was much interested in playing at all after their freshman years. My oldest, who never played football, went out his senior year and became a starter just on his guts and athletic skill.

Both of these boys had my undivided attention and, although they never excelled in sports, that was alright, I didn’t hold it against them nor did I pressure them into playing. It became their decision and I loved them for who they were. And I still do today.

My wife and I also raised a fine daughter who we are very proud of. She has excelled in everything she has attempted and is now graduating form WLU with two degrees and entering WVU School of Law this fall.

I have saw it many times in my life where kids are kicked around and treated like trash. That is something which makes me sick! It is unethical, inhumane, and downgrading, kids deserve to be treated with respect and be loved. Not cussed at, kicked around and treated like dirt.

Nobody is perfect, that is a fact, and we all make mistakes, however when you take your frustrations out on children, you have broken the law of God. I grew up in a Christian home without a father, my mother was very good to us and to many others. Some of my father figures were teachers and coaches. Never once can I look back and say I was abused as a student. I believe it should be that way today and our athletes should show the utmost respect for their coaches regardless of playing time or lack thereof.

I also believe all parents should stay involved in the lives of their children, love them and contribute to there success.

What frustrates me, and it’s something I don’t understand is why some people see no fault in their own, yet talk and gossip about everyone else’s. Believe me it happens, I hear it and on occasion I let them know it.

Hopefully I am never guilty of it. I totally enjoy watching the kids as they take to the fields, whether they start or not, whether they play a lot or not at all, they are still on the team. They still belong to something.

There are parents who contact me all the time. Some are prejudice when it comes to their own and some are understanding. Most praise the team as a whole when it involves sports. I have told many parents their kids are lucky to live here where they can be a part of something. Not everyone can be the star but they can all contribute. Just a good attitude often makes a difference in winning and losing.

As a writer, I try to be fair to all kids. You may not see everyone’s name or picture in the paper but I do try to even things out. I’m in a position where I could hurt lots of people with what I write, I could leave kids names out when they do well. I could never put their picture in. I would never do that however and I will always strive to make sure everyone deserving is recognized.

We have great educators here and great administrators, including coaches and through all my conversations with these people they are always pro-children. Never do they mention anything to damage a child’s reputation. I was just speaking to one the other day about an incident beyond his or my control and he reminded me that people need to examine themselves before talking about others.

I believe we should treat others with respect, I was told the other day by someone who questioned a certain bill he received and was given an attitude and an unsatisfactory answer. Wouldn’t that be a great way to earn someone’s trust and business? I have people call me and I know the coaches and A.D.’s do as well. Wouldn’t that be a nice way to treat a child’s parent?

I was looking on Facebook the other night and I saw a post about someone’s birthday. They had 400 plus likes and numerous comments. Another person who wasn’t obviously as popular had received three likes and zero comments. Two kids graduated from the same school, 100 plus likes for one and 10 for the other.

The other day I received a call asking why one boy makes player of the week more often than others. I was told it was unfair and that more athletes should be chosen. I told her I agree but when someone stands out above the rest they will get the award. It’s like that in everything. Even your faith.

Starting today I am taking at least one year leave from Facebook or at least I’m going to try to. Just because I believe that’s what Jesus would do. I am not making any accusations towards anyone, I just believe there is to much gossip, back biting and downgrading which I don’t care to be a part of.

Why is it that when people get someone down they trample all over him? Why or how can we even get joy out of seeing those things? How can we celebrate when a coach or teacher quits or loses their job and why do we add to insult with our remarks? Coaches and teachers who have tried their best to help our very own when many times we have failed! I for one am proud that we have coaches who try hard and take their job to heart and work to lift our kids up.

I am also proud of all the parents who help out when help is needed, not just when their child is involved. We have some good people trying hard to make Wetzel and Tyler counties better places to live and grow up. We also have some with self interest at the root of their involvement.

Support for our communities draws support for our schools and businesses as well as are children. Sports are one of my favorite things in life but never at the expense of hurting a child.

Many parents who take pictures at ball games and track meets provide them to us, and if we don’t get them we use what we have. Most of our camera people do a great job for us. They not only take pictures of their own (which is warranted) but they also provide many of other kids. For this we thank you. My job is to report and cover as much sports as possible for our schools, it is not to write down every play that takes place but mostly the highlights, regardless of who wins or loses.

My absence from Facebook will probably not be missed much and I may still use it occasionally for work but I sure won’t miss the negativity and the wasted time spent. I like to post occasionally but unless it has to do with local high school sports, I’ve had enough. I love you all and God Bless You. By the way if you haven’t already done so recently, send a card or get well prayer or message to my friend Judy Light. eparsons@tylerstarnews.com