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Sistersville’s Michael Huff Has Class

By Staff | Apr 26, 2017

Photo by Ed Parsons Michael Huff showing his basketball shooting form in front of the Tyler Star News Office in Sistersville.

Staying involved and active is a lifetime passion for one Tyler Consolidated High School student. Michael Huff , 15, of Sistersville says the love of his life is playing basketball. You can see him nearly everyday during the spring and summer walking the streets of his little hometown dribbling a basketball or practicing his shot at the city park.

Huff who will enter his junior year at Tyler Consolidated this coming fall says he loves his school and has a lot of school pride, not only in sports but in his teachers, fellow students and coaches. He says everything about the Silver Knights makes him happy, especially when they win.

Being a small boy by nature and standing at only 5’0 tall he soon realized he would be better off playing the game he loves in the Sistersville recreational leagues and the spring teacher-student games held at TCHS once per week. Michael, however, doesn’t consider his size a handicap, he claims he can play defense with the best of them and is working hard to improve his overall game.

As a freshman Michael was a member of the Knights JV team but decided against playing his sophomore year so he could dedicate more time to other activities and continue to play in the leagues and on his own. When asked about his shooting form he was quick to point out his ability to make the three pointer and go to the bucket. He said he loves to get to the free throw line.

Basketball is not his only passion, however, as he is an active member of the Knights Radio WRSG-95 where he often brings the news and the weather. Blue Grass is his favorite music and he enjoys hosting the Knights Radio Blue Grass show on Saturday’s from noon to 2 p.m.

He said he is enjoying his time at TCHS but is already making plans for his life after graduation. He says he hopes to continue his education by attending college and enter the field of broadcast communication. He give a lot of credit to Greg Goodfellow, a former teacher and operator of Kinghts radio, with getting him interested in broadcasting and giving him the help and opportunity he needs to succeed.

As for his basketball career he say’s “I may be small in statue but I’m big in heart, don’t take me for granted cause I’ll take you to the bank.”

It’s not often you run across someone with Michael’s attitude about life in general and what you can do if you put your mind to it. “Positive thinking is the key to accomplishing your goals,” he added.

Good luck to one of the nicest young men I have talked with in a long time