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Press Box For March 29

By Staff | Mar 29, 2017

Don’t ask me how because I have no answer for it. This past week has been the busiest most fast paced I have seen since taking this job.

It started on Saturday with a trip to Charleston to watch the state championships and see the 1987 Wildcats undefeated basketball team receive recognition on the 30th anniversary of their state title. It was an early start to a long day as we got to the Capitol City around 9:45 for the team reception at the Holiday Inn Civic Center.

Immediately following the reception, we headed over to the Class A title game between Ravenswood and Clarksburg Notre Dame. At halftime the Cat’s led by coach Burton took the floor to a huge response from the crowd. Notre Dame came out and finished the game, getting a much deserved win over the number two seed Red Devils. We stuck around for the AA game then took a couple hour break before going back and watching the AAA title match. All three games were dandy’s and went right to the wire.

We started home about 10 p.m. and got back to town around midnight. We then went to the office to download pictures before getting home around 12:30.

Sunday morning came early but not soon enough for me, as I always look forward to church. Following church we had a nice meal and then it was back to the computer to finish up some stories and get everything in the system to try and beat the deadline. I think I finished up around 5 p.m. before taking time to eat some supper and start planning my next day’s work. Monday didn’t bring any relief as I worked about six hours in the office. That put me in a rush for a Bible study class at our church which wasn’t over until around 8 p.m.

Oh, yea I almost forgot. Monday night I took on another responsibility when I was asked to teach the adult Sunday School class. I figured I could squeeze that in to my schedule. Tuesday evening was another fun one. Paden City played host to Tyler Consolidated in baseball and softball, that finished up about 7 p.m. Went home and worked a couple hours writing and downloading pictures, had another late meal, some good leftovers.

Wednesday morning I was at the Tyler County Commission meeting from 9 a.m. till around 11:30. I met some people at the local diner in Middlebourne following the meeting for a late breakfast. Finished that up close to noon and headed back to Sistersville where I stayed until around 3:30 p.m., writing and putting pictures on the computer.That wasn’t too bad until I remembered I had to take a couple pictures for the player of the week. Finished with that around 5. That gave me a big break as I now had two hours before Wednesday night church. By then I was starting to feel a little bit hungry but decided to wait and eat when I got home. Had a nice supper; A big bowl of bran flakes.

Thursday seemed like it would be a pretty good day. I had a little work to do at the office and then it hit me. Paden City was playing Tyler Consolidated in baseball and softball at TCHS for their second meeting in three days. Game time 5 p.m. Well that didn’t seem too bad, at least to me, but I think a close family member was starting to come undone. I told her not worry about dinner.

I’d make it up when I got home and we would head to New Martinsville for a bite to eat. Guess what! I forgot WVU was playing in the Sweet Sixteen at 7:30. When I got home at 7:15 she was ready to go but I had to break the news to her. Either call Domino’s or throw a DiGenero’s in the oven the big games coming on.

Man what a game it was, not very happy with the outcome but couldn’t ask for a better game. Never did get the pizza, ended up with a warmed up baked potato with butter and sour cream. Plus one of my new drinks from Sam’s club that I’m hooked on, Bai Antioxidant Cocofusion.

Around 1 a.m. Friday I was still up writing my stories on the T.C vs P.C. ball games. I didn’t want to be all day at the office because my wife and I both had doctors’ appointments. Finally got to bed around 2:30 but couldn’t sleep. Not sure, but I’m thinking it might have something to do with this job.

Anyway, after getting around three hours sleep, it was off to the doctor, who’s advice was take it easy and don’t over-do-it. After that visit I was ready for a nap, but you know who wanted to go to the Highlands for some craft supplies, even though I knew they wouldn’t have what she wanted. I was right! So now it was on to Washington, Pa. – nothing there either. I said as long as we’re this far we might as well go up to Cannonsburg, to Consol Credit Union so I can get some money to finance all this stuff. I think I’m going in the hole big time. After we got to Washington and Cannonsburg it was on up to Pittsburgh. I have a good friend there as well as a favorite eating place called Pamela’s. We went to the famous Pittsburg breakfast house and then to my friend’s for a couple hours.

We started back home around 3 p.m. and when we got to Washington, she said how long would it take to get to Morgantown? “Maybe they have what I’m looking for.” On up the interstate we went, no problem that three hours sleep in two days was still going strong. Once we hit Morgantown she finally found what she was looking for and I could tell she was getting tired and ready to go home.

My brain started working like always. I looked over by Wal-Mart and what did I see? Mountaineer fans everywhere. Oh boy, a WVU baseball game. The perfect storm, 70 degree weather, baseball at it’s finest and pay back. No one hates sports any more than my wife. I even got us in free using my press pass. We had the best seats in the house, right behind home plate near the concession stand. Little did I know that was a mistake. $24 for a hot dog and two drinks. Left Morgantown around 9 p.m.,back in Paden City around 11, and here it is 12.38 a.m. Saturday. I’ll have to finish this on Sunday night because Saturday brings a big track meet and two doubleheader games at TCHS.

It’s a good thing I’m a Bible scholar, or I might have stay up all night working on my class lesson for Sunday school. I might as well keep writing so maybe I can get to see my grand daughter after church on Sunday, when she comes home from WLU.

Maybe next week I can take time off from this part time job to wash my truck, mow my yard, and visit a few hours with my family. If anyone can think of a better way to manage their time please let me know. From what I hear I’m not the only one that’s busy, so I’ll try and get around to cover everything I can, and get some more pictures. No worries, it’ll get done.