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The Pursuit of Many Interests Can Make You Well-Rounded

By Staff | Nov 25, 2015

Everyone has different priorities in their life. Some concentrate on making sure their home is beautiful, the cars are clean, and their land is manicured.

Throughout the years, I have come to realize that there are many important things a person has to attend to, and no one thing should occupy all of their time. Take for example a musician who spends countless hours day and night learning to be accomplished in his field. Or a car club enthusiast who attends every show and spends nearly all of his time and money adding new parts to make his vehicle the best. Don’t take me wrong I like both of those things.

They are just a couple examples, for there are many hobbies, which occupy our time. Hobbies are good, they keep us from being bored, they bond us with people who have common interest, they mentally challenge us and keep us active and quite often make us feel good about ourselves. I believe everyone is different as individuals, and as such, each is deserving of the respect of the other.

However, quite often I hear people complain about what others do with their time, such as “why don’t they get a job? or all they do is set in McDonald’s all morning and gossip: is he going to wash that car again? I wish he would turn that music down, are they mowing again?, there they go to another car show, and sometimes it does get irritating and old but it’s their life. Mind you own business!

Each is different and entitled to their own thing. I have tried over the years to be what some people would call a “Jack-of -all-trades and master-of none”, having many interests in life has been fulfilling.

My grandfather once said, “don’t let anyone thing get you down.” I think the closest I have come to that would be when I got married 41 years a go, (I hope she doesn’t read this) we have had a good life.

Throughout the years, I have accomplished some things and got into some things which I never thought would be possible, and like most people I have gotten out of some things I never thought could be possible.

But through it all, I have never been able to understand how anyone could not like music, but of course I grew up with it in the home and we all learned to play and sing. I was the least of the best but my love for all kinds of music grew. I still spend time on the keyboard and guitar, not so much with the singing though. I also have not been able to understand how anyone could not love sports. But once again, I grew up on the basketball court and it became my passion. I started playing at the age of 10 and when I made my first basket I was hooked and to this day there is nothing outside of a good old fashion church service that I would rather attend than a local basketball game.

Basketball, however, is not what life is all about! I learned that at the age of 55 when I last played competitively only to suffer a heart attack and discover I was not young anymore. There are so many things to do that time and space will not allow me to print them all.

First of all, become active in something, be diversified, youth sports is a great start. Later you will realize if it’s for you. School programs, such as 4-H, FFA, Band, Theatrical, Yearbook club, cheerleading, volunteer groups, and many other things, just occupy your time it doesn’t have to be sports! Get involved, do something!

Find out what you want to do with your life and work hard to accomplish your goals. My story is probably like most peoples – if I had it all to do over again I would do some things different. However, you only get one chance. My life has been fullfilling, I have played sports, played in a rock band, been a glass worker, a coal miner, a businessman, a professionaland have traveled throughout the country and overseas. I grew up poor and had very little, yet we were satisfied and had a happy home. Oh yea, I almost forgot to say, (shame on me), I am also an ordained preacher of God’s word.

I was also an avid runner and participated in many of the race events in the country. By staying active I have allowed myself to live to the fullest, yes I have had health problems like most people who age but my physical conditioning helped me greatly in getting through thoses problems. That is one reason why I stress sports as a healthy lifestyle for young folks today.

Nothing excites me more than watching a group of youngsters learning to play ball and then watching those same kids playing high school sports. I was just looking at the new WVSSAC classifications for the next for years. Tyler Consolidated was the second highest in numbers in single A while Paden City was near the bottom. Year in and year out both schools remain competitive. After watching both schools practice basketball this week, I saw one of the most important parts of that success. Good solid programs with excellent coaching.

Paden City has a program led by longtime basketball coach Fred King who is a disciplinarian who demands the most from his athletes. Again they don’t always win but they don’t back down. One of the smallest schools in the state with one of the biggest histories. Tyler Consolidated will be led this year by coach Bob Jones who has 31 years of basketball experience under his belt and will bring a wealth of knowledge to the court.

The girls basketball programs are looking good at both schools. Paden City lacks experience and are young but Allen Miller and Jamie Natalie will work them into shape and teach them the game. Give them a couple years.

The Lady Knights are coached by Cathy Boggs a former Paden City performer who knows the game and can teach it. She has several kids to choose from and will no doubt bring the program along. The point of all this is, what you like to do is not always what everyone else enjoys. Don’t knock their activities and hobbies for they are just as important to them as sports are to you. I am not a hunter or a fisherman but I get excited when I see the big buck some youngster brought in, or when I see the big fish on the end of a hook. I don’t ride four wheelers, yet I always thought I would like to. Motorcycles are not my thing, yet I enjoy looking at them and I know they are the life of some people.

Folks you can do anything you set your mind to, nothing is too large. Sports just happens to be another thing that makes me happy. More often than not it will also keep you healthy and out of trouble. Have a great week, enjoy the holiday and good luck to everyone.