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The Press Box For Week of Nov. 18

By Staff | Nov 19, 2015

Several things happen this time of year. The time changes, the seasons change, weather gets cooler, snow falls , holidays arrive and football season for most high school teams is over. So what do we write about? While out at Middlebourne the other day it was brought up that there won’t be much to do on Friday’s since football is over.

While that may be true for the football only entusiatist, it certainly is not so for the true sports fan. For me the fun time of year is just starting, sure I love prep football as much as the next guy but we are now entering the busy part of the year. Of course there is still three weeks of football playoff’s left and if your team is still in on the action, by all means cheer them on. We wish all the local playoff teams well.

When I say busy time of the year that’s not to mean our athletes have not been busy, they certainly have. Practice every night, volleyball three to four times per week, band practice and competions, tournaments, playoffs and add to that school work, quite the load for any boy or girl to carry. However for those that don’t know high school basketball is under way. Practice has begun, scrimages will be held and the regular season will get under way.

Less than a month frm now and we’ll see our first games played. From all indications it looks like it will be a competive season. I have been looking at schedules and Paden City may play the toughest schedule around this year, coach Fred King has a talented group of boys, they played a lot this past summer and should be solid all the way around. Even with losing their two top scorers in Kennedy Cain and Zach Heasley don’t over look this bunch.

Tyler Consolidated has a new coach in Bob Jones who brings a lot of basketball knowledge to the court. The Silver Knights should be able to handle their own as they return several players from last year. With Jones at the helm and good athletes on the floor they will be a tough group to deal with. When you add the high school girls to the format along with JV’s and middle school, there will be plenty to do. Wrestling season will also soon get under way. Sports writing never ends and if you get a little bored on Friday nights check out the action. Their will be holiday tournaments for boys and girls, wrestling meets which often have three or four schools participating. JV and middle school action along with local grasshopper leagues can keep you busy six to seven days per week.

Seasons come and go and so do athletes but that’s what makes it interesting. Who will the next great player be? What school will rise to the top and win it all? What school will show the most spirit?

Who’s the best shooter, or scorer, who grabs the most rebounds and makes the most assists? Who’s the best ball handler or defender? Better yet who plays the best team ball? Lots of things are going on locally! no lack of something to do. If your not into sports, there are other things happening, Thanksgiving events, Chrismas Parades, school plays, Elks hoop shoot, dinners to attend , Benefits, volunteer work, just about anything you can imagine, just get involved!

Like I said my favorite time of the year is here, it’s the fun time of year, nothing makes your life more enjoyable than having fun and you nevr grow to old for it. Their was a gentleman in Paden City who always came to the games. He helped with the concession stand, sold 50-50 tickets and was a big help. His specialty was making popcorn, that’s what he enjoyed. People would say to him, why do you still do this? “Well it’s what I like to do,” he answered. All schools have those special kind of people. We lost this man but another has stepped up and taken his place. I am often reminded of Bishop Donahue’s “Dino” oh how he loved his bishops. Die hard fans, that’s what keeps the sports programs going, from the pee wees to the seniors, it can’t be done with out them! I don’t care much for negative people, they just aren’t much fun to be around. I do, however enjoy listening to others opinions about schools, players, coaches, their predictions and their knowledge of the games. That is all good stuff but if you can’t say something good, keep your mouth shut, no one really wants to hear it. Probably the most ingnorant comment I ever made was, girls can’t play basketball. I never thought I would enjoy watching girls sports, oh how wrong I was. Some of the best athletes are girls.

Who else can hit a tennis ball 110 miles per hour, who can turn back flips the length of a football field, who can shoot threes any better than some of these girl players? Who hits the hardwood floor more often than girls volleyball players? Girls sports are exciting to watch. I had a great time this past weekend watching the girls high school volleyball tournament in Charleston. It was fun! Can’t wait for the winter sports fun to begin, it’s my time of year.