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The Press Box For Week of Nov. 11

By Staff | Nov 10, 2015

Someone last week asked me what I was going to call my column after football season is over. They said you can’t use the Press Box.

Little did they know that it wasn’t named after a football press box. It’s a column or “box” if you will and it’s printed by the press.

“The name stays.”

For those of you who read my column, you know I don’t just talk about football.

I have written about sportsmanship, effort and motivation, coaches and players. I’ve given my opinion on many different subjects. I don’t pull any punches, play favorites or stay on just one subject. There are many things to talk about and football just happens to be one of them.

All season long I have watched Tyler Consolidated football, it had been my prediction that they would win some games that they lost.

I said from the beginning of the season that they were a good football team and I stick with that. The ball certainly didn’t bounce their way this year, yet they never quit. They played one of the toughest class A schedules in the state and never backed down from anyone. I applaud them on their effort. I congratulate them on their success, they can hold their heads high.

Tyler Consolidated Silver Knights football is exciting to watch. They are a well coached team from top to bottom. I watched as coach Walton and staff spent countless hours working extremely hard to prepare their team for the season. At the beginning of the year, five quality players were sidelined with injuries, some never played all year. However no one quit, they continued to work hard and the coaching staff never gave up.

Silver Knights football has a future. Next season will come around and some key players will be gone, others will step up and fill the voids. From what I’ve seen they will be a force to reckoned

with. One thing I am certain of, they will not be out-coached. I also believe TCHS fans are among the best in the state.

TCHS also had great success this year in cross country while the soccer team provided some exciting moments. They also played a very difficult schedule for a Class A team. Many of their opponents were

AAA. This prepared them for the postseason and helped them advance to the sectional finals.

The volleyball team is once again on their game and heading to Charleston. Lets hope they bring it all home this year. Again quality coaching is on their side. Coaches Richard and Tracy Summers work hard with each player on their team. They teach the game and that’s what keeps the program going. Let’s get behind them and show the folks in Charleston what Lady Knights volleyball is all about. If I’m not mistaken this will be the fourth straight year they have advanced to the state event.

Basketball is fast approaching. I’m looking forward to spending some time in the gym.

I don’t know much yet about the Silver Knights program this year, but I do know first-year coach Bob Jones is a student of the game and will have his team well prepared.

It must also be said that Tyler Consolidated sports has great support from the school administration, including Superintendent Robin Daquilante and the entire board of education. Go to any sporting event and you will see TCHS Principal Mr. Yoho standing somewhere along the sideline watching his teams.

Oh yea, the press box will stay and we’ll continue to talk sports and whatever else is of interest as the year goes on.