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The Press Box For Week of Oct. 21

By Staff | Oct 21, 2015

Every team has that saying. Whether it’s “Silver Knight Pride” or “Once a Wildcat, Always a Wildcat,” “Go Mountaineers” … you get the point. Nearly every sports team uses one or more of these phrases. And when you hear one team or a fan use it, you usually roll your eyes because everyone says that about their program. You hear it in the local restaurants, at the pub, in the grocery store, at the local carry out and just about everywhere you go, especially when your team is winning.

As cliche as these sayings are, we still use them. Because when we’re part of a team, we understand the traditions and culture that outsiders do not. We walk the halls of these high schools and we see the trophy cases filled with reminders of the glory days. We enter the gymnasiumns and see the banners hanging from the rafters, memories of championship teams. The tradition, culture and support these former athletes passed down from their playing days says a lot about how our teams compete today.

It’s the younger kids looking up to the great ones who played before them that makes them want to play the same role for the same school. They want their championship. They grew up wanting to be on the same court or field someday.

Athletes want to be remembered for that historic home run, that game-winning shot or that pass which won the game as time was running out. Tyler County is filled with memorable titles, historic runs and legendary games.

It hasn’t been that long ago when other teams dreaded coming to Paden City, or Sistersville, or old Tyler High. Those were the days when you had a hard time finding a place to park and the stands were full and the crowds were intense. Everyone waited all week for the big game. And that’s the true beauty of high school sports.

All the players we are watching play today learned the game from watching the players before them, and those players learned from the ones before them, and on it goes. They longed to be on a team from watching high school games and their favorite players. And now when they have the stage, younger eyes are watching them and how they play, so they to can one day excite the fans.

There were certainly tremendous athletes before my high school days and I remember most of them. I also idolized them and looked to them as role models. The current athletes at our local schools are now in that spot of role models for the younger kids.

I can’t tell you all the traditions for the local schools, but what I can tell you is, they have been passed down from athlete to athlete. I know a lot of former athletes and there’s no better level to talk sports tradition than talking to ex-athletes, which always brings one back to who wore that uniform before you. After talking to a few people about this past week’s game, I knew the team was fired up and so were the fans. Take a good look around, most everyone is showing signs of support.

This is a good team and if they had been healthy all year there would have been some more W’s in the book. This coming week is the real test, Magnolia comes in undefeated at 8-0 and again the Silver Knights face a number one team. Lets all get behind the Knights this week and fill the stands at Knights Stadium. Lets show them what Silver Knight pride is really all about. I want an upset, 21-20.

While you’re at it, don’t forget TCHS volleyball as action is really heating up and the team has come together well. They are going to be hard to beat throughout the sectionals and regionals. Let’s hope for another trip down south.