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Quinet 5K Memorial Run/Walk a Success

By Staff | Aug 5, 2015

Jordan Whitehair

Jordan Whitehair blew away the 113 5K runners an this years Jim Quinet 5K Run/Walk Memorial held on July 25 in downtown New Martinsville on a picture perfect weather morning with a 16:52.66 time. Trenton Barnhart and Kari Gall finished second and third respectively as the top male runners.

Hannah Surface ran a respectable 19:35.30 as the top female runner, while New Martinsville resident Santina Vigliotti and Carman Vigilotti finished second and third respectively as the top female runners.

The youngest male runner in the 0-9 year old division, Jonathon Stringer, 7, beat out Brennen Jones and Colby Nichols, while Mandi Theadoro cruised in the 0-9 female division with a time of 22:36.99. Sienna McKeever and Evalena Booker placed second and third respectively.

In the 10-19 male division it was Jacob Pancake besting Josh Arrick and Joshua Frum, while Katie Ensinger nosed out Ariel Hostuttler and Joanne Graham in the girls age bracket.

Makenzie Koontz won the 20-29 age bracket, while Erica Sapp and Lindsay Stalder placed second and third. Mitch Winters finished in front of Brandon Fluharty and Aaron Norris in the male division.

Hannah Surface

In the female 30-39 bracket, it was Leslie Cavala crossing the finish line in front of Amanda Ruble and Lauren Ritz, while Josh Miller, Nathan Jones and Andrew Harper finished one, two and three in the men’s division.

Matt Day finished fifth overall and first in the 40-49 men’s division, while Michael Glow and Rodney

McWilliams finished second and third, respectively. Melanie Stender finished in tenth overall and placed first in the female division, while Angi McDonald and Tyrisha Mensore finished second and third.

Brenda Botizan nosed out Debora Bennett and Celeste Bensen in the female 50-59 age division, while Fred Surface, David Harshberger and Bryan Ensinger finished first, second and third in the men’s bracket.

In the 60-69 men’s division, Scott Hill, Joe Blatt and Larry Smith were the top three, while Bill Hornbeck won the mens 70 – 99 male division.

In the walk division the overall female winner was Olivia Mensore, while Nancy Goff and Lorin Nice finished second and third, respectively. The Overall male walker was Kevin Yeater, while Dave Workman and Roy Thomas finished second and third overall in the 100 walker 5K race.

In the male 0-9 Jaykub Lang finished first, while Lucas Heddleson and Tobin McEldowney was first and second in the 10-19 male division. Maddy Winters was the top female walker in the 10-19 division, with Bella Conner and Kate Kernan second and third, respectively.

In the 20-29 male division it was Ronny Warrington and Nick Quinet finishing first and second, while Jessica Jacobs, Mariah Warrington and Alivia Melott finished one, two three in the female division.

Mandy Amos won the 30-39 female division, while Sharon Heddleson and Heather Quinet finished second and third. In the male division, David Scott beat out William Horton.

In the 40-49 female division, Julie Ledergerber nosed out Elizabeth Melott and Michelle Parker, while Scott Simonton bested Kevin Quinet and Robert Meriweather.

In the female 50-59 age bracket, it was Kathleen Ervine crossing the finish line just in front of Melinda Graham and Alicia McSwords, while Ken Hawkins finished in front of Tony Schindler.

In the 60-69 age bracket, it was Terrence Zuber, Earl Bowser and Jim Colvin finishing in the top three spots, while Jeanne Barnes, Erica Shiben and Jacki Lemasters finished the same in the female division.

In the oldest division Janet Webber age 70 finished in front of Barb Fitzsimons, age 81in the female 70-99, while Steve Robinson,72, nosed out 84-year-old Jim Fitzsimmons, and 73 year-old Baz Cunninham.