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Youth Football Camp Wraps Up

By Staff | Jul 1, 2015

The inaugural Bill Stewart Memorial Youth Football Camp came to a close at MHS Alumni Field under the direction of second year Magnolia High School Head Coach Josh Sims.

Sims and his entire staff wanted to give back a little to the youth of the area, to focus the campers on proper football techniques and teach the importance of teamwork, self discipline, consideration of others and how to obtain their potential on the field and in life. They also stressed the importance of achieving success in the classroom and selecting the correct role models and friends.

The camp was supervised by most of the MHS football staff and players. In addition, the teams trainer and athletic director, Brian Castilow was on hand if the campers needed him.

All the campers had one-on-one experiences with most of the high school staff and athletes, as well as with special quest speakers and instructors.

After a group section to start the day and instruction, the campers were broke into groups to stretch and get ready for a workout. They then loosened up into four lines and caught passes by some of the Blue Eagle camp counselors, stating with short passes and moving on to longer passes.

They then broke up into groups to run drills to work on many different offensive and defensive techniques, as well as the proper way to block and tackle.

“Proper technique at this age is very special and received personal attention and training,” said Sims. “Our staff never forgets that football is a game, while making their camp experience fun and exciting.”

In the last hour of the camp on Wednesday the campers worked on defensive schemes and on Thursday they would work on offensive schemes. On their last day they worked on both as well as play some games.

Another camp goal is to give each camper the finest football instruction available and a program they will remember all their life, while stressing the importance of teamwork and fair play that they can take with them all their life.

The campers all received a Bill Stewart Memorial Youth Football Camp T-Shirt. The campers had a busy three-day camp, with non-stop action throughout. The campers as well as the high school camp counselors, and the MHS Football Coaches all had a smile on their faces throughout the week.

This years campers were, Josh Ash, Drake Kocher, Davis Ninardo, Bryston White, Landon Streets, Jaydin Lynch and Brady Dinardo was on the Gold Team. Lucas Zombotti, Kaden Dalton, Gage Scott, Braden Vargo, Matthew Anderson and Kobe McVicker on the Blue Team. Donnie Asturi, Carter Clegg, Carter Johnson, Eli Lilley, Conner Carpenter, Jonah Coulter and Isaac Ware on the White Team.