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Boggs to mentor Lady Knights

By Staff | Dec 3, 2014

Lady Knight basketball 2014

Tyler Consolidated High School’s Lady Knight basketball team began the 2014 season on Tuesday at the Keep, hosting the Williamstown Lady Yellowjackets. This time around however, the Silver Ladies begin the year under new leadership as head coach Cathy Boggs takes the helm. An experienced player and assistant coach, Boggs brings experience and a new approach to the game than the Lady Knight program has seen in the past, and is happy to be a part of the basketball program once again.

“I’m very excited to coach this team,” the new coach said. “I couldn’t wait to get started and I can’t wait for the season to get underway.”

“We have some very skilled young ladies on the team this year that are still learning the game and we want to continue to cultivate that process. They come to us here at the high school level from the middle school program with good fundamental skills, and I want them to continue to learn and grow as players. This is a good team and can be a better team, as long as we continue to learn and work together as a team.”

Boggs and assistant coach, Benny Thomas, have 20 players out for the team, therefore insuring a junior varsity Lady Knight team this season. Two seniors, six juniors, eight sophomores and four freshmen will make up the 2014 squad.

Seniors Breanna Yeater and Sydney Yoho, both return as starters and will both likely work the center slot and inside positions for the Silver. “Breanna is an immovable force when she wants to be,” coach Boggs said. “And we’ll need that strong arm style now and then, depending who we play. Sydney’s quickness under the basket will give us an advantage there as well.”

All but two of the six juniors return to the team with experience: Katelyn Gogan, Ariel Fish, Kara Dalrymple, Hannah Casteel, Martha Shepherd and Nicole Lovejoy. The majority of the starting line-up will come from this junior group, but a stand-out sophomore or freshman may very well make their way on the court with the varsity as well.

Also out for the team, but likely seeing more junior varsity time are eight sophomores include: Aleah Black, Bailee Longwell, Kylie Martin, Breanna Long, Madison West, Vanessa Templeton, Bethany Littell and Isis Moore; and four freshmen – Kandace Fisher, Autumn Wells, Amanda Reynolds and Cana Turner.

“The girls have worked and are working very hard,” Boggs said. “Track coach Brenna Hagerty had a hand in helping with conditioning, so we’re in pretty good shape, we’re fundamentally strong and we have some skilled athletes, but we’re still melding as a team.”

“The chemistry on the team is great, and I’d say our overall unselfishness is one of our greatest strengths. On the same note, our unselfishness is also going to be our greatest weakness. Nobody wants to take the shot, they’d rather pass it off to their team mate. That could turn into a problem.”

While the Lady Knights do not have a “sure-shot” or “pure shooter” singled out as of yet, the coach believes that fact in itself could also be a strength. “We don’t have a stand-out super star on the team and we don’t need one. This team will have to pull for one another and play together. We don’t have the three seniors we had last year to put 50 points a game on the board, so we all need to take the open shot and score whenever we have the opportunity. All of us. All the time.”

Last years’ team put great dependence on seniors Sydney Glover, Sophie Kinnard and Hillary Casteel, who graduated in May, leaving some doubts about the abilities of this years’ team without them.

No worries, Boggs and the 2014 Lady Knight team have got this.

“Offensively, we’re stable,” coach Boggs said. “Defensively, we’re not quite aggressive enough, yet, but we’re getting there.”

With an already tough schedule on their plates for the past couple of seasons, the Lady Knights have added River and Wirt County to the line up and will see Bridgeport, Ohio for the first time this year at the Paden City Christmas Tournament.

The team opened at home on Tuesday and will see action in Paden City at the Bob and Sharon Burton Christmas Classic Tournament on Dec. 5 and 6.