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Kidpower camp puts focus on fundamental BB skills

By Staff | Jul 9, 2014

Twenty two students ages 5-12 participated in the KIDPOWER Basketball Skills Camp at the Stealey-Green Community Center in Middlebourne from June 30th July 3rd.The focus of the camp is to teach fundamental skills, improve the campers fitness and make learning fun.This triple threat approach paid huge dividends for the participants as their skill levels soared upward in just four short days.

The younger campers favorite game was squirrels and acorns, as they dribbled back to their trees picking up bean bags from other squirrels trees. Baskets were lowered to eight feet to provide opportunities for more success and allow correct shooting mechanics to be practiced.

The youngsters lit up the nets by the fourth day. Passing was a fundamental that provided challenges for some campers. Three basic passes were covered: chest, bounce and overhead pass. Youngsters who participated in the camp are: Landon Boggs, Aiden Michael, Joseph Wayne, Logan Wise, Aislinn Franks, Amos Kimble, Trent Baker, Mattie Fletcher, Isabella Michael, Aubrey Smith, and Layla Williamson.

A very competitive group, the 9-12 year olds enjoyed being challenged. Many timed shooting drills provided an edge to try to improve each day. All shooting drills were two minutes in length. There were drills teaching jump stops, pivots and fast breaks. Stations were used to practice Mikan, defensive shuffle, chest pass and move, dribble, bounce pass and hot shot. Players tried to get the best score they could in one minute, while their partner counted their score and/or assisted them in the task.

The last hour was devoted to game play. A 4-on-4 defensive game called “Synergy” was introduced to the campers.

Teams played a half court game for one point. If scored on, the defensive team has to step of the court, circle up and hold hands and repeat the rule they violated that resulted in the scored point: pressure the ball, jump to the ball, deny the pass or box out.

Youngsters who participated in the 9-12 year old camp are: Zach Britton, Braden Greathouse, Zander Henderson, Leah Loudin, Evan Wise, Dylan Barnhart, Malachi Fletcher, Makayla Baker, Savannah Taylor and Tamara Taylor.

On Thursday, all campers got a special treat, a red, white and blue popsicle to cool them down midway through the session. This week’s camp is volleyball (July 7-10) and next week’s camp is Tennis (July 14 17). The morning session is from 9-11:30 and afternoon session is from 1-4 p.m.

The tennis camp will meet at the Middlebourne City Park at the bottom of Dodd Street. Children may still register for camp by contacting Charlene Galluzzo at 304-758-4266 or registering on the first day of the session.