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Demolition derby to be featured at fair

By Staff | Jul 9, 2014

Thomas Motorsport, LLC, demolition derby promoter, will be conducting demolition derbies at two local venues for the 2014 season. Ralph and Jane Thomas, owners of Thomas Motorsport, LLC, are lifelong residents of Tyler County. Their home office is located at Jacksonburg Road in Tyler County.

Thomas Motorsport provides car crashing entertainment for county fairs across North Central WV and PA. They operate a family friendly, alcohol and drug free event.

On Thursday, Aug. 7, they will return to Tyler County Fair. Then on Monday, Aug. 11, they will be making their first appearance at Town and Country Days. Scheduled times and competition classes are the same at both locations.

Registration begins at 5 p.m. and the derby begins at 7:30 p.m. There will be three classes of competition. The full size class consists of V8 cars. Any year car is permitted with the exception of 4×4 cars, convertibles, commercial vehicles and Chrysler Imperials. Police cruisers are allowed.

The compact class includes 4-cylinder and 6-cylinder cars combined. All wheel drive cars may be used by removing the rear drive shaft. The compact class rules have changed from previous years. All compact cars must be stock.

The mini class includes mini vans, small pickup trucks and small sport utility vehicles (SUV) running together as one class. Four wheel drives must remove either the front or rear drive shaft.

There are specific rules for each class. Cars will be inspected after the driver has registered to make sure they are in compliance with the rules. The rules for each class can be viewed at thomasmotorsports.org. For further information, contact Thomas Motorsport at 304-889-3256. Prize money ad trophies will be awarded to the top four places in the full and compact class and to the top three places in the mini class.