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Foundation 5K supports Wounded Warriors

By Staff | Jun 11, 2014

The start of the fourth annual Paden City Foundation 5k walk/run featured 133 runners and walkers.

The Paden City Foundation could not have scheduled a more beautiful day to hold their 5K run/walk than on June 7. Approximately 136 runners/walkers participated in the event that took only a couple of hours from start to finish.

This year marks the fourth running of the Foundation 5K.

The course was great for competitors and recreational runners and walkers, being 90 percent flat and 100 percent paved.

The big winner on the day was a familiar face in Nathan Harshberger who finished first overall with a time of 18:03.27. Harshberger also captured first place at this same event last year. The first female finisher was Paden City’s own Kayla Hizer who completed the run in 23:30.10, and 13th overall.

In the walk, Paden City’s Alex Thoburn came through again as a repeat champion, finishing this year in 33:57.18. The female division of the walk was won by Linda Arnold in 36:08.53.

Nathan Harshberger

Two volunteer workers were recognized immediately preceding the race, Ruby McWilliams and Sue Adcock were given special awards for their support of this event.

“We are so happy to have so many runners and walkers participate this year,” said Race Director Rodney McWilliams. “It seems we’re growing a little every year.”

“We’re also extremely proud to be named as an official fundraiser for the Wounded Warriors this year,” noted McWilliams. “This is a great organization and we’re blessed to be able to support them.”

Said one local walker who participates every year, “Rodney and his helpers work hard to pull this race off every year and it changes a little and gets better every year too.

“It’s great to see so many local people and so many high school kids to come out and support something like this.”

Kayla Hizer

Winners in age groups and divisions are listed below:

5K run Male

Overall: Nathan Harshberger, 18:03.27; Soren Shade, 18:25.44; Jacob Pancake, 18:38.00

8-14: Joshua Frum, 25:15.42; C.W. Harton, 25:18.31; Logan Hostutler, 25:25.23

15-19: Tyler Kiger, 21:44.18; Dean Frye, 21:47.71; Kristopher Byers, 23:27.51

Alex Thoburn

20-29: Bill Feeney, 19:26.00; Drew Phillips, 25:31.93; Adam Koontz, 26:42.38

30-39: T.J. Myers, 21:04.64; Mark Day, 21:59.74; Craig Smith, 23:09.14

40-49: Matt Day, 19:58.10; Robert Boston, 20:02.02; Kent Cutright, 30:21.48

50-59: Richard Summers, 33:32.86; Joe Griffith, 48:48.98

60-69: Bill Hornbrook, 26:00.37; Mark Heintzman, 26:55.00; Sam Hamilton, 34:03.53

Linda Arnold

5K run Female

Overall: Kayla Hizer, 23:30.10; Bry Ritz, 23:38.88; Joanna Graham, 23:41.92

0-7: Addison Blosser, 41:36.64

8-14: Ciara Space, 29:53.18; Kylie Myers, 31:40.93; Paden Hatcher, 35:19.50

15-19: Amanda Dawson, 24:15.05; Susie Kapustikkova, 30:07.19; Kylee Walker, 33:23.57

20-29: Aimee Govianazza, 26:01.34; Peace Wynn, 31:15.41; Kandi Loy-Kay, 31:56.11

30-39: Cassie Cockerham, 27:02.84; Amanda Ruble, 27:31.98; Mandy Myers, 27:41.37

40-49: Debra Price, 32:26.41; Beth Raper, 33:38.85; Denita Frye, 34:09.14

50-59: Celeste Benson, 33:09.48

50-69: Kay Pierpoint, 40:43.71

5K walk Male

Overall: Alex Thoburn, 33:57.18; Jim Arnold, 35:10.46; Ken Hawkins, 40:02.51

0-7: Braiden Haught, 1:03:29.77

20-29: Matthew Otto, 45:39.57

30-39: Matt Yeater, 45:54.22; William Harton, 54:20.05

59-59: Gregory Morris, 43:23.83; Dave Starcher, 45:54.90; Donnie Billiter, 49:10.42

60-69: Greg Shirak, 55:42.54

70-79: Paul Thomas, 40:51.52; Leroy Leach, 53:16.92

5K walk Female

Overall: Linda Arnold, 36:08.53, Lois Ebeling, 38:52.34; Crystal Shockley, 39:56.62

0-07: Sadie Smith, 48:14.74

8-14: Hope Biram, 42:59.72; Hope Cooper, 47:38.60; Alyssa Hornbeck, 49:52.53

15-19: Pauline Simon, 48:00.36

20-29: Precious Maston, 40:44.69; Suzie Nichols, 41:54.42; Rebecca Patterson, 47:37.45

30-39: Valerie Slider, 40:07.86; Sarah Lamm, 40:42.97; Amy Yeater, 45:40.58

40-49: Amy Frazier, 46:29.90; Kim Hizer, 47:42.70; Brenda Barker, 47:51.70

50-59: Melinda Granham, 42:47.05; Tracy Summers, 43:37.68; Betty Hartline, 44:55.33

60-69: Janet Webber, 443:00.61; Sharon Starcher, 46:29.10

70-79: Peggy Leach, 53:16.00